"Oh hey Shortie," he fondly said putting an arm around my shoulder.

"Carry on guys," he ordered to everyone in front of us and they all took a step forward.

"What? Don't tell me you run this school." I said with suspicion in my eyes, whilst removing his arm from me.

"Well, not exactly," he hinted, while doing his ever famous smirk.

"Oh please, do tell me why you were pushing," I said sarcastically "Well you see these guys all let me" he said looking at skylar

"Oh wait don't tell me you're the king now. I'm so sorry your majesty" I sardonically said whilst bowing down, he chuckled at me.

"Off with your head!" He said in an English accent, making me laugh at him.

"Move now. I'm hungry," I ordered. I chose pasta with water and Skylar bought the same.

"Bye shortie!" He shouted, I put my middle finger up at him as a response. Skylar and I sat down on a table in the corner, I started eating and looked up to see Skylar staring at me.

"What?" I said my voice muffled because my mouth was filled with food.

"Gross Liya! Do you even know who you were talking to?" she asked

"Oh yeah of course - James bond," I said whilst smirking at her and she shook her head unamused.

"No that was Jorden," she said pointedly.

Blankly, I pointed out that his name was similar to James

"Liya! That's Carlos's best friend!" She emphatically shouted.

"And? Who's Carlos?" I asked confused at the whole ordeal.

"The bad boy of the school, of course." She said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, at this response I rolled my eyes.

"So? That doesn't mean I can't talk to Jorden" I freely said.

"Whatever. Hurry up lets go" she said looking at me like I knew absolutely nothing and ate her food quickly.


School was over finally over and I drove home, going inside to hear that it was quiet and I knew my parents were still at work.

Jogging upstairs to my room, I got changed into a white tank top and cropped black knee leggings.

Going on my phone I connected it with the Bluetooth speaker system setting it up for my room.
Choosing the song, 'Love me like you do 'By Ellie Goulding I walked over to the window, where the most floor space was, put it up to full volume and moved to the beat.

I'm a dancer, not a professional but I am pretty good, at my old school I competed and was on the dance team.
Listening to the song, I came up with my own dance moves, the moves were a dirty but it went with the song.

When I dance I'm in my own world, so I didn't realise someone was whistling until the song finished. Looking around my room and then outside to see a guy in the house next door with tattoos. The stranger had light brown locks pushed up to a slight quiff, with pools of chocolate for his eyes, full pink lips and scruff over his chin. He was fucking sexy.

Walking over towards the window, I pulled it up and leaned over the window sill

"Didn't anyone tell you it rude to stare at people?" I reprimanded the mysterious stranger.

"That was damn sexy," he smirked, "and I've never cared what people tell me."

"Okay, well bye," I replied, about to close my window.

"Wait. Your new right? When did you move in?" He asked

Leaning back down on the window pane I answered,

"On Saturday, who are you?" I questioned confused that he was in Nick's house.

"Carlos," he answered with the ever present smirk.

"Oh you're Carlos," recalling what Skylar had previously said.

"Oh, so you've heard of me," he said suggestively.

"Definitely. The bad boy of West High," with an obvious tone.

"Yeah, You've fucking heard of me - great," he said sarcastically while closing the window and disappearing out of sight.

Okay then? That sure to a turn I thought as I closed my window, I shook my head and walked over to my bed to finish off my homework.

After finishing, I let myself watch TV until around 7 and went downstairs to make myself some noodles.

Finishing off my noodles, I went back upstairs with my laptop in hand and watched 'Mean Girls' on Netflix but falling asleep at the end of the movie.
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So they have met. In a weird way but they still have met. That's Carlos on the side!!!


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