Chapter 4✔

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I woke to a bright light shining in my eyes, looking over to my clock I realised it was only 06:00 and I had to go to school at 7:30 so I was extremely early.
Getting out of my warm cocoon, I ran to my bathroom to have a nice hot shower.
After about 10 minutes I got out of the shower and wrapped a fluffy towel around my body and went to my walk in wardrobe.
Choosing to wear distressed blue jeans and a blue superwoman crop top (outfit on the side).

After choosing my outfit, I slowly got dressed still drowsy from my sleep. Not bothering too much with my hair I threw it up in a messy bun, slung my school bag on my shoulder and quickly put some chapstick on.

Running downstairs I called out a 'Good morning.'

"Morning sweetie. Do you want toast?" Mom kindly offered.

"No thanks. I'm just going to have a granola bar and then head to school." I replied.

Grabbing two granola bars, I put them in my bag and got an apple.

"Bye. Love you!" I shouted out to them while jogging outside to go see my beautiful baby.

Sitting in my car, I ran my hand over the soft, supple leather and groaned that I had to take it to school of all places.

When I got to hell, I saw a parking space at the front so I quickly drove in it just as a bubble gum pink convertible was going to park there. Getting out of my car, I grabbed my bag and turned to walk into school.

As I turned away from the car, I heard a loud honk from behind me, glancing back I saw who the culprit was. It was from the lurid pink car and sat at the driver's seat was an orange cake-faced Barbie bitch. I'm not mean, but you can see a barbie from miles away.

"Oi! That's my parking space!" Barbie all but screeched at me.

"Sorry Barbie. I didn't see your name on it." I sassed, turning on my heel, I heard her screaming and whining. Laughing to myself, I went inside towards my locker where I saw Skylar was standing alone.

"Hey Skylar," I cheerfully chirped.

"Hey Liya," she replied.

Just then Barbie strutted towards me with two girls of her clique behind her.

"Look, Bitch. I'll be nice to you because you're new. That's my space and that's where I park. So get outside and get rid of your disgusting car," Barbie shrieked.

"Listen Barbie, your name wasn't on it and if this is your being nice, I don't want to see your hideous face if you're mad," I bluntly stated.

Looking furious, she stalked away, with her last words being,

"You better watch your back, bitch."

"I bet you will do it for me," I shouted at her, while laughing.

"Liya. What the hell?" Skylar she said while looking irked.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked confused.

"Never mind. Come on lets go." She said while rolling her eyes at me, and pranced off to class dragging me behind.

Morning classes flew by and it was finally lunch.

Skylar and I went to the cafeteria and were currently standing in the queue, just as someone decided to push in the line and everyone allowed it they all just moved out the way.

Standing on my tip toes, I saw that is was James Bond.

"Hey James Bond. Why are you pushing in? There is a line you know!" I shouted at him from the end of the queue. Turning around, he smirked at me and started walking towards me.

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