Chapter 8 -- Sneak Peek

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I am broken hearted hearing all the requests for a new chapter upload, so I've decided to give you all a few short paragraphs from Chapter 8. As an update, I am currently two-thirds of the way through with the story. I definitely think I will finish it before the end of July! Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I truly appreciate the support of each and every one of you.

I hope this brief entry entertains you all!

Ready to put the plan to action, he was surprised when he was grabbed from behind and shoved against the brick wall of the building. Squinting from the brute force of the impact against the wall, a forearm pushed against his windpipe, making it hard for Nole to breathe.

“Zane!” he heard Valerie’s voice shout. His blurring vision focused enough to make out Zane’s face, a foot away from his own.

“Where were you?” Zane snarled, increasing the pressure to Nole’s throat. Even though Nole desperately tried to release Zane’s grip, he wasn’t strong enough to do so.

“Zane! He can’t breathe!” Valerie shrieked.

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