Black Water (Chapter 17)

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"Ali, I've been hearing these rumours about you. I was hoping you'd put my curious mind at ease." Elle said as she walked through my open bedroom door. She took a seat on the edge of my desk. I closed word down; I was doing some English homework. It had only been thirteen minutes since Cole had left.

"Whatever you heard, it has probably been distorted until it's barely true anymore." I told her.

Elle nodded. "Probably, that's why I thought I would come straight to you. I heard from Jesse that you and Cameron were caught in bed with each other by Cole." Elle smiled sympathetically.

"It's not true is it?" She asked me, taking one of my sweets out of the bag on my desk. She popped it into her mouth before picking a copy of Twilight of the shelf; she flipped it over and began reading the blurb.

"Not in the slightest." I replied, Elle smiled, and then went back to reading the blurb of Twilight.

"That's Jez's." I told her, when she had a bemused expression on her face. "She likes to laugh at all the details the writer gets wrong in it."

Elle smiled and put it back on the shelf.

"Is there any other purpose to your visit, besides dispelling rumours?" I asked as I closed the computer down.

"Oh yeah." Elle said as if suddenly remembering something, "Jarred's looking for you. He said to tell you to meet him in his room. A.S.A.P"

I nodded, and stood up.  Then I caught the look on Elle's face.

"What?" I asked her, she was looking at me funny.

"First Cameron then Jarred. People will talk." Elle teased.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." I said drily before pushing her out the door. Elle responded by making suggestive movements and smooching noises. I shut the door in her face.

"Once you're done with Jarred, we'll be outside by the lake." She called through the wood of the door.

I walked over to my bed and picked up the bag stuffed full of blood baggies up. I slung it over my shoulder; I had a delivery to make.

I couldn't ignore the fact that every single student in the senior year looked at me as a walked through the hallways. People sniggered and pointed, making noises similar to Elle's. I ignored them, cursing Cole Waterman and the school grapevine. A few people actually shouted out 'ho' or 'slut'. I pretended that I couldn't hear, but the words were like knives. I never thought that those words would be directed at me, I had seen other girls go through the same thing, when Cameron had dated them.

I kept my head down and headed to the kitchen. It was packed as usual full of students from the ages of seven up. The girl's dorms where off the one side, the boy's dorms on the opposite. Between them was a sea of faces, some familiar some not. I caught sight of Paige, sitting on one of the counter tops laughing with some jocks and some cheerleaders. I skirted around the edge, hoping to avoid her. I had no such luck.

"Well, well, well." Paige said, walking towards me with a hand placed on the side of hips.

"Look what we have here. A little slut." Her friends all laughed, I tried to put on an 'I couldn't care less' face.

"You're in my way Paige." I told her quietly. "And I don't want a fight."

That was true; the last thing I wanted was a fight. Especially as I hadn't done anything with Cameron, except maybe want to kiss him. I cursed myself for thinking of it; I hoped Paige wasn't in mind reading mode.

"You're not going anywhere." Paige growled, cracking her knuckles. For someone who put so much effort into looking girly and 'hot' Paige could look real ugly sometimes. And not just fake ugly, or too much make-up ugly, ugly like there was something evil and twisted inside her. Times like this, it wasn't surprising that she was a vampire.

Her friends moved around me, making sure I couldn't turn and flee. I clutched onto the bag I was holding. If I had to drop it, I would risk exposing Jarred. I looked around for some sort of help, most people where still going about their business, not paying much attention to us. I couldn't see any of the people I usually hung out with. Why did they have to be outside when I needed them?

Paige took another step forward. She was wearing heels, so she towered over me, more than she normally did. I took a step back, but Paige's goonies pushed me back forward.

"I don't want to fight, I've done nothing wrong." I said, Paige snorted.

"And even if I had. It would have nothing to do with you." I added.

"You can be a real bitch." Paige said to me, before throwing a punch at my head. I knew she would try something like that, so I ducked. I felt her fingers brush through my hair.

I stood up to look her in the eyes. If it was a fight she wanted, I would give her one. Water appeared at my hands, knowing I was probably about to break about million different school rules, I sent a jet of crystal clear water into her face. Once the jet had subsided, I knew that I was in trouble. My water had only distracted her for a second. It didn't physically harm her.

Anyone who hadn't been watching before, defiantly were now. People either crowded around or ran for cover. People shouted for teachers, or to for us to stop. But none of it sunk in. Paige was approaching me with a growl playing on her lips. I could see her fangs extending from her gums.

"Holy shit." I said in amazement. I had never in my years at Elton Cattrell seen a pair of fangs fully extended. They were bright white and sharp, and long. Like ivory carved knives. I knew from one look at them that they would rip straight through my skin. Paige seemed to be glowing with some kind of energy.

Her friends were also looking shocked, vampires rarely if ever showed their fangs at full length. Not even when feeding. To do so was to show pure hate, and animal instincts. The deepest cruellest part of all vampires' souls.

And it was looking at me through Paige.

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