Chapter 7: The Devil's Family

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She didn't know that they were acting up, the two kingdoms she was connected to. Deigil stood in training area 27 with her other bracket members, but instead of training she was just thinking. Standing there thinking, that was Eglanor's job though. He had been sent to the palace library to try and find anything out about the two queens they would soon be fighting. She was a Shadowmount, that explained why she had the wings, and why the force field that Meathil had used in their fight worked to so well. It was made of light magic, which she didn't have.

"Deigil? You okay? How's your training going?" Meathil asked sounding concerned. She looked at her with those eyes that made her heart melt.

"Yah I'm perfectly fine, don't worry," she replied and looked at the wall beside her. The weapons were calling to her, telling her to train using them. "I was wondering, what do you know about Shadowmount?"

"Well, all I've heard is the countless stories of how ruthless their queen is. The story of the Black War, the war at beginning of time. There has ever only been one queen of Shadowmount. Even though it has been millions of years, there is still only one queen, and will always be one. Because the only way to kill a Shadowmount Venus is to use light magic to take away its wings," what was she saying? They didn't die from weapons? "They are immortal, and once they have died, they reincarnate as babies. No pure blooded Shadowmount Venus has ever not had a previous life, except for the queen. She has been at the rule of the kingdom since the race came into existence."

"Wow, I... didn't ... know how different they are from the originals," she looked off into the distance. She had spaced out while Meathil explained, but she had heard everything. She didn't know her own race, or half her own race. They had power, real power. The Valoor had strength, the Ostwyn had their fearsome looks, the Eriness had smell. But, the Shadowmounts had dark magic, something that she hadn't know dwelled inside of her. "Thank you, and Meathil, if someone close to you used dark magic. Would, would you hate them for it?" Her captain paused.

"Depends on the person."

"Right," she looked away from her leader and grabbed a sword off of the wall behind her. It was a different type of sword than she was used to. The blade was thinner and it wasn't as heavy. The handle on the blade was made of Rolak, a Venus metal, that had a beautiful peachy pink tint to it. It was a beautiful sword, and she was trained in sword play well. "Let's train."

"Good, do you mainly use a sword when fighting or do you use other weapons?" Meathil asked her and moved to pick a dagger, no bigger than a pencil, off of the wall. She had trained with swords, axes, whips, and shields. But, she did mainly use swords.

"Yes, mainly swords, but I am trained in other weapons too," she saw her captains face change.

"Good, come at me then." Why did she ask her that? She had no idea. But, before she could think of an answer to her question she saw a dagger flying towards her. She dodged it just in time to not get cut, literally just in time, some of her hair was sliced off. It got her hair, better than her. The dagger was now stuck in the wall, but before she could get herself situated she saw another three daggers fly at her face this time, and they weren't going to miss. She dropped to the ground and jumped over one that was flying towards her feet. She then looked at Meathil and saw why her leader wanted to know what she was trained in. If she was trained in daggers, or if she was trained in nun-chucks she could have easily blocked the knives that continued to fly through the air aiming only at her.

"If you want to be the best warrior you can be, you need to train in other things than just swords." The captain used her quick turn and ended up, yet again, two inches away from decapitating her. "Go get the star blades over there and bring them to me." Maethil pointed to the wall behind her which had an array of twelve star blades. These things didn't look deadly but they were, they had three blades connected to a circle base. So when you wanted to, you could just have a metal circle with a button on it. She took off six and carried three in each hand, they were small but weighed a lot. When she approached Meathil her heart pounded, the captain was looking directly in her eyes. She looked away hiding her blush and placed the blades in the leaders hands. She walked back to her place trying to stay focused, but all she could think about now was how gorgeous Meathil's eyes were "These are just like daggers, except they are easier to hide."

Meathil pressed one of the buttons and three blades came out of one of the metal circles. They looked deadly sharp even though they were small. The auburn haired girl threw them at a nearby target that Pengeth was using, it scared the crap out of the poor girl. But then what she saw what the captain meant when she suggested she learned more weapons. They were in a perfect circle on the wooden target, all six blades evenly spread out. That amount of control, and the way she could hide the weapons, that could kill a person in a second. 

"I see what you mean."

"Which weapons do you have training in?" Meathil asked going over to hug the blonde archer that was still pretty startled from the blades. She would be scared if the thing that broke her concentration was a blade being hurtled through the air at full speed, one inch away from her ear.

"I am trained in all types of swords, whips, axes, and shields."

"Well, we already have two axe type specialties and one shield. But, I have some weapons that I think would be good for you to learn."

"Which ones?" She asked, which ones did she want her to learn? There were so many she didn't know, sometimes she felt bad she wasn't trained in more.

"Well, I want you to learn how to use these star blades, but also daggers, nun-chucks, spears and scythes," Meathil told her Scythes? Those were known as the execution weapons, they looked like the Devils sword. "Oh and don't worry, I will be training you in all of them."

"But we only have four days?"

"Four days, and four nights. We will train until we drop. Or at least until you get familiar with the weapons." Her leader looked dead serious, and that's what took her off guard. Meathil had grabbed a spear and flung herself towards her, she blocked it with the sword she had in her hand. But, after her captain released herself from the fight, her leader took the sword out of her hand and replaced it with a dagger. "Now let's start."

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