7. This is How I Trust

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Chapter 7

Kylo's POV:

Perhaps he was foolish to agree so quickly, without a second thought. Perhaps he was foolish to ignore his orders. And perhaps his foolishness would be his downfall, but somehow he had agreed to go with Rey anyway. He was foolish, but he was not idiotic. He knew that Snoke would be watching him.

And now that he had hesitated to agree to Snoke's orders, Snoke would be watching both of them. If truly he wanted to leave all this behind--what had become his home, his protection, his comfort--then he would have to plan intelligently. He could not let Snoke catch him. He could not even let his own armies catch him.

It was early morning, probably around six or so, when he slipped out from his rooms. It was close to one when he had seen Rey last, in the data library. He had told her to wait. To be careful. That he would come for her, and that he had a plan.

Kylo hadn't had a plan then, not even close.

So for the next five hours, pacing back and forth in his rooms like a wild animal, Kylo had thought of a way he could get them both out. It was a risky plan. One that called for disabling cameras. Setting off alarms. Diversions. But Kylo was confident that he could do it. He was confident that Rey could do it.

Quietly, hiding in the shadows, he reached out in front of him to a passing stormtrooper. Using the Force, he pushed into the stormtrooper's mind. The stormtrooper was weak-minded, and was easily swayed into following Kylo's order. Five minutes later, the stormtrooper was left sleeping in the hallway, and Kylo was already marching away, dressed in the white armor and helmet.

The hall lights flickered, just for a second as he passed. A simple thing. But a flash that told Kylo the commander he had compelled to do his bidding was beginning to carry out the plan. The commander was ready. The lights flickered. On. Off. And then the signal was over.

Kylo walked faster now, adrenaline fueling his swift movement. He turned a corner and saw the door behind which Rey waited. With a wave of his hand, the storm troopers outside of the door left, disappearing down the hall and going back to their quarters.

Kylo knocked. And he felt incredibly awkward, rapping quietly on the door. There was no answer, and so he knocked again.

The door opened and there stood a very angry looking Rey, glaring up at him and half hidden behind the door. "What do you want? It's four in the morning."

Kylo almost took a step back. Her words were so sharp, as though she had changed her mind completely. And then he remembered he was wearing the stormtrooper's armor. "I was told to come get you," he told her.

Rey rolled her eyes. "By whom?" Again she glared and cast her fiery eyes up toward him.

"Kylo Ren," he replied.

Rey stopped, just for a second, to look him up and down. "You tell your master that he can come get me himself. You're not taking me anywhere."

Rey was closing the door, and Kylo had to think fast. There were cameras watching, turned back on now that the original guards were gone, and he couldn't take off his helmet. They were listening in. Rey, he said, pushing the words into her mind. Let's go, Rey.

The door stopped closing. Rey opened it an inch, just enough for her to look up and at the stormtrooper's mask. A stormtrooper, Ben? She asked. Are you getting me armor too?

There had been silence for too long. So Kylo used his voice to reply. "Get your things. I don't think he'll enjoy waiting." Rey opened the door farther, allowing him to see the rooms she had been kept in.

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