Chapter 3✔

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Waking up to an awful, deafening sound also known as my alarm, almost instantly I slammed my hand down on it, thankfully turning the god-awful sound off.

Lazily, I sat up in my bed, thinking that I had forgotten something: School. Fuck I thought ran out of bed. Sprinting faster than Usain Bolt to my bathroom, having the fastest shower of my life and brushed my teeth knowing I wouldn't have time for breakfast.

Wrapping a towel around myself, I walked over to my closet chucking on black jeans and a blue crop top (outfit on the side).

Putting my hair in two French braids, I grabbed my school bag, slinging it on my shoulder and went downstairs towards the kitchen where I found mom and dad.

"Morning." I called out kissing their cheeks.

"Morning princess! I got you a little present. Here you go." He said excitedly giving me a small leather black box.

"It better not be a pen...holy shit!" I said when I opened it, "Really. This isn't a prank right?" I said suspiciously looking at dad to confirm my scepticism but dad shook his head.

"Paul! I said to give her it later!" Mom reprimanded.

"It's okay Beth. She deserves it. It's outside waiting for you princess." Dad told me with a wide grin, giving him a quick hug I ran outside.

Standing before me was the most beautiful thing in the world a red Audi R8, it's not just a car it is the best thing in the fucking world - my baby! Running towards it I gave it a hug and started whispering to it.

"God you're so beautiful." I said adoringly and kissed it. Behind me I heard someone chuckling to themselves. I heard a 'Woah'. Embarrassed I stood up and sorted my wrinkled clothes and turned around to the voice.

"Hey?" I awkwardly said after realising it was Nick.

Chuckling he started walking towards me, "I like your car, are you going to West High?" He casually asked, smirking at me, he added "If you let me come with you I'll show you where it is."

Giving Nick my own little smirk I replied sassily, "I know where it is but because I'm a nice person you can get a ride. I'll be back in a minute."

Running back into my house, I sprinted to the kitchen where my mom and dad were still eating and gave them a tight squeeze to show my appreciation.

Shouting a goodbye I saw some fruit in a bowl, so I grabbed two apple and quickly ran back outside throwing an apple to Nick, who miraculously caught it.

Easing myself into the supple leather of my car seat I sat in the driver's seat and he sat in the passenger's seat. Slowly, I ran my hand over the black comfortable steering wheel

"Come on man. It's an awesome car, but if you're going to be like this where going to be late." Nick reminded me.

"Shit, sorry." I apologised and put the key in and it purred to life.

"Oh baby." Nick excitedly whispered.

"I know." I said smugly. Driving it was amazing, we glided to school in style, and Nick directed me reaffirming my knowledge of the way there.

Casually, I drove through the gates, expecting stares and I got them. Parking it at the front, I painstakingly turned my baby off and the purr of the engine died.

"Is it always like this?" I queried Nick.

Nodding he smirked at me and challengingly said "Let's give them a big entrance."

While putting my sunglasses on Nick got of my car and jogged over to my door to open it, offering me his hand I held it and nonchalantly got out.

Just like the movies I thought and closed the door behind me and locked the door.

"Shall we?" Nick said while smirking.

"We shall." I affirmed and locked our arms together as we walked right into the devils lair. People had already started gossiping, I heard things such as:

"A new girl - a hot new girl!"

"I can't believe she already knows Nick!"

"She's most definitely a slut."

The last one was actually hilarious. When Nick and I had finally entered hell I faced him asking if he could show me the office, giving me a nod he took me to a rather drab white room that had a big 'Welcome to West High' banner.
Leaving Nick waiting for me I went in and got my schedule and locker number.

Walking back over to Nick I asked, "Where's locker 38."

Nick motioned for me to follow and exclaimed

"You're so lucky! Your locker is on the first floor." When we got to a regular chipped locker with the faint numbers 38, Nick said he had to go,

"Thanks for helping me find my way, do you need a ride home?" I asked. He shook his head, turned on his heel and walked away. As I was opening my locker I heard someone attempting to talk to me.

"Hey, are you new?" The stranger asked.

Turning around to see a girl next to my locker, I gave a quick nod.

"Skylar," She said, I looked blankly at her "My name, I mean."

"Rosaline. But you can call me Liya" I replied politely.

Smiling at me she exclaimed "I love your name! What class do you have?" She asked. Pulling my timetable I found I had one of the most boring subjects ever, giving a groan I replied "English in B2" I moaned.

Clapping her hands excitedly, "Yay same! You can come with me" she said skipping along.

"Thanks" I called out and ran to catch up with her following her to class.

Skylar and I had every class together, so it made me more comfortable as I had made a new friend. At lunch I noticed that Skylar sat alone, she told me that she was a nerd and if I hung out with her I would be at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Not that I care.

When school had finally finished, I drove my baby home and parked it outside. Going inside, I called out to see if anyone was home but quickly realised mom and dad weren't there. I went into the kitchen to get a snack and saw a note on the fridge which read:

At work.
Order pizza.
We might be late
Love you


Knowing that they would be late, I lazily went upstairs to change into comfy clothes: tank top and shorts. I later ordered my pizza and went back downstairs to watch TV.

It was about 8 and mom and dad were still not home, normally they come home around 9 or 10, so I went upstairs to my room and sat on my bed deciding to complete my homework. On my first day I had already got 5 pieces set for the next day. I hate school.

After about an hour, I decided I was done so I laid back on my bed and let the calming music surround me, after turning my phone off and setting it on charge I switched the lights off and let gladly let sleep encase me.
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