CHANWOO ~ Fangirlfriend

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"I don't need to say goodluck to you cause I know that you would do perfect!" I joyfully said. He pouted. Aish I can't take it everytime he's pouting.

"Buuut! I still need a goodluck kiss from my jagiya." Chanwoo said like a baby, but he doesn't look cause he freaking looks hot today.

"If you will wink at me later, I'll give you my first kiss to you." I chuckled so does he.

"Hey Chanwoo let's go!" Hanbin said while waving at me at the same time.

"Okay I will. I love you!" He shouted as he went on stage.

I quickly ran at the crowd so that I can see him and he can see me. I'm so happy that a fangirl like me would be Chanwoo's girlfriend. This is my biggest dream and my biggest goal.

When their performance started, I cheered for him. He kept on looking at me instead at the camera or at the fans. He also kept on winking at me and giving me hearts. He's so eager to get my first kiss hahaha how cute!

After that, they went backstage again. I looked for Chanwoo and there I found him wiping his sweat.

"Give me that. Congratulations cause you guys won!" I told to him. He just smiled.

"Aish, I can't even wipe your sweat easily cause you're so tall!" He laughed. Great Chanwoo, great.

"Don't worry I still love you ______ even though you're short." He smiled, showing his cute dimples. Now he's torturing me already.

"Hey, I winked at you for like a hudred times. Where's my sweet kiss?" He acted like an innocent kid. If you know, he's evil off cam / hides /

"I'll just give it to you later before you go to sleep." I chuckled and he mocked.

"Yaaah you're treating me like a baby again! I'm an adult already jagiya!"

"No you're not! You're still a tall chubby baby. Right tall chubby baby?" I said while trying to piss him off.

"I guess... I'll just steal your first kiss." In just a blink of an eye, he gave me a kiss on the lips. I was a little surprised.

"Such a thief! Well, this is not my first kiss." I said. He looked at me so seriously.

"Whaaaat?" He said like he's gonna cry already.

"Yea. Cause I kissed you last night when you were already asleep. Gotcha Chanwoo." I smiled at him. He kissed me on the cheeks and hugged me.

"Now you made me happier." He whispered that gave me goosebumps.


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