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Taeyeon was regretting setting such a long password on her phone as she struggled to type the correct pass code. Once she succeeded in unlocking her phone, she called Jonghyun.

"Yes, Taeyeon?"

"Case of criminal 904, who was the witness who reported the crime?"

"Wait a minute," There were some typing sound before Jonghyun talked again. "A number called from a payphone. There's no information about who the person was, but it's written that it was a man."

Taeyeon mentally groaned when hearing the word payphone; it would be even harder to find the person now. "Find out the location." She said and hung up so she could receive the location Jonghyun would send her.

Thankfully, it wasn't somewhere far, just a few minutes away from the place she was at right now. Taeyeon quickly made her way to the car and drove.

The caller had enough sense to call from a payphone with a broken CCTV, so she had to go around asking people if they remembered who used the payphone a few days earlier. She was struggling, the people wouldn't even try to help.

They won't care until it's their people who's hurt. Taeyeon felt hopeless, but she knew couldn't give up. At least not yet. "Excuse me, do you remember who used the payphone last Tuesday?"

The old man thought for a while before nodding, "I don't remember who used the payphone, but there was a man with many tattoos who seemed very strange. I don't think he was around from here, many people here are religious."

"Do you know where he went?"

"He followed this path. Nobody really goes here so please be careful." He warned before Taeyeon said her thank you and ran.

She followed the path, keeping her hands close to her gun so it would be easier to reach if there was a sudden attack. After a few silent minutes, she found herself infront of a small garage. Taeyeon walked inside, gripping tightly on her gun.

It was empty.


She quickly turned around to see what made the noise but saw nothing. And when she realized her mistake, it was too late. A sharp amount of weight hit her on the head from behind, and she lost consciousness.


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