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"So you admit you did it?"

He nodded.

"Stop lying, I know you didn't."

"How do you know I didn't? Were you even there?" His voice was calm, as if being imprisoned was something to be calm about. The court would be hearing his case in four days, and if Taeyeon didn't find anything to save his ass, he could be imprisoned for his whole lifetime, or even a death sentence.

Taeyeon didn't want that. She didn't want him to suffer something he didn't even do. She didn't want him to save the real criminal, she wanted justice for the little kid's mother.

Even if he admitted that it was him who killed, she knew he didn't. Why would he just stay there with a knife on his hand, waiting to get caught? If he really liked prison so much, why would he escape, not just once but twice? He could be a psycopath, but his medical records proved he wasn't.

To be a cop, you need to think from a criminal's point of view. It was said when she was receiving training. If she put herself in Baekhyun's place, it was obvious that he was talking the blame for somebody else.

"Look, kid-"

"Kid... Where's the kid?" He looked up at her, locking gazes. He was good in masking his emotions, but Taeyeon was good in seeing through that cold face, and she knew he was concerned.

"He looked afraid. He was.. crying." Baekhyun looked back down and stared at the grey floor. "Why are you worried?"

"I'm only asking."

She didn't bother to question further, and just decided to continue the sentence he cut off. "So I was saying-- wait, what was I saying?"

A pair of eyes stared at her in amusement. "I didn't know you could be a cop with such bad memory."

Taeyeon rolled her eyes and tried to remember. "Oh, so I was saying: YOLO."

Her ears were blessed with a light chuckle. She couldn't believe what she just saw, was this the same person she was speaking to earlier?

His smile reached all the way to his eyes and they wrinkled a little when an eye smile was formed. His milky skin looked so soft like a baby's butt that she couldn't help the urge to pinch his cheeks. A hand was almost halfway near his face, but he stopped it. "Don't."

And she finally came back to reality, where she kept asking herself what actually was she doing. "I-" She couldn't explain what got into her. She was shocked, surprised and mostly confused. Without any further thoughts, she made her way outside the prison.


She stopped and turned to face him.



"I only live once, and I like you. So don't.. like me back."

i unpublished and edited a little cuz the previous one had too many mistakes omg sorry

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