A and D (38)

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Gosh. I was so freaking bored. I just finished reading the seventh book of the Maximum Ride series, and now I had nothing left to do. I searched my DVD rack, but I couldn’t find anything good to watch.

Did I make a good decision on not going tonight? Geez, what was I thinking? Even if I did want to go, I didn’t have anything to wear. Stupid cat.

I groaned and grabbed a pillow.

I had difficulty acting as if I didn’t care in front of Aaron so that he would still go. If truth be told, I really wanted to go to Prom. Yes, I really did. I could only be girly once in a while. Besides, I didn’t attend last year. I might as well experience it somehow. But there was no point whining because – surprise! – I didn’t have a freaking dress.

Argh. I wanted to see Aaron. I wanted to dance with him until my feet hurt. I wanted to hug him until my arms wear out. I just wanted to be with him tonight.

Great. Why did I just realize now?

What a way to make bad decisions, Dakota. I thought to myself. And because of that, you get to freaking mope around the house all night.

“Dakota, someone’s here for you!” Mom called from downstairs.

I frowned. That was odd. If it was Aaron, they would just let him up to my room – same thing with Alyson.

I gasped. Was it Dwayne? Did he come to save me again? He often did that. It was like; he was my very own fairy Godfather – if that made any sense at all.

I ran downstairs and excitedly entered the living room. My mouth dropped open in complete astonishment when I saw who it was.

Wearing a fitted sleek strapless Red Carpet-ish Evening gown was Annabelle. It was as though Aphrodite herself stepped down to earth to make male teenagers desire for her.

“Annabelle,” I choked. Okay, I was clearly not expecting to see her out of all the people I knew.

“I heard about your . . . dilemma,” she explained, her voice with a tiny hint of superiority. She pointed at the gown cover laid on the couch. “I had an extra one for tonight and thought, ‘What the hell? She needs it more than I do.’”

If possible, my mouth opened wider. She was lending me a gown? One of her gowns? Annabelle Lacy, the evil Witch of my life?

“Besides,” she added nonchalantly, “white isn’t my color. I don’t know why I had it made. It’s unused, by the way.”

I finally closed my mouth and stared at her suspiciously. This was just too good to be true. Seriously, these things only happened in movies.

“Right,” I said skeptically. “So I’m just supposed to believe that you don’t have an evil plan in store for me. And this nice façade is really you.”

“Oh, I’m not being nice,” she corrected. “I’d prefer to call it ‘charity.’”

I raised an eyebrow. Okay, that was more like her.

“Look, I’m not doing this for you,” she sighed impatiently. “I’ve done my part. The rest is up to you. If you still don’t want to go, what do I care? At least now, you have a choice.”

After the last word, she turned to leave. And I stood, thinking about what she said. She gave me a choice . . . a chance.

I ran outside the porch. Annabelle was walking toward her ride.

“Thank you!” I called out.

She stopped and slowly turned her head in my direction. She smiled, making my eyes become wide. It was a kind smile – a rare one, coming from her. And then, she mumbled something I didn’t comprehend. I could swear I saw a tear roll down her left cheek. But I wasn’t sure because she quickly turned her back to me, climbing inside the limousine.

I watched as it drove away. When it disappeared in the street, I dashed inside and rapidly grabbed the gown cover.

“Mom!” I frantically called out.

I hoped I could make it in time. It was already half past nine in the evening. How long did it take for someone to dress up for an event?

Oh, gosh. I really hope I can make it in time.

Could my wish be granted this time?

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