[Megan's POV]

I woke up to the sounds of growls down below me. the sun was rising so it must be early. I closed my eyes for another 5 seconds before unzipping my sleeping bag and grabbing the thick tree branch above me. I was high up in a tree, it's where I like to sleep. I had a wide hammock hanging above the ground out of site from whatever walked below me. it made me feel safe, who looks up for zombies?

the hammock was wide enough for 2 people and deep enough I wouldn't roll out and spacious enough to use my backpack as a pillow and my bow and arrows could lie next to me. I've called this tree home for the past few months.

hanging onto the branch above the hammock I was in I pulled my self up onto it and straddled it looking down at the forest floor. 2 zombies growled under me their teeth snapping. infected do have a great sense of smell. I leaned down and grabbed my bow from the hammock and readied it with an arrow and pointed it down at the dead below me. It only took 30 seconds to take them both out.

I sighed before grabbing the long rope that was tightly tied around the start of the branch I was sitting on. I unraveled it and threw it down and the end of the rope slapped the ground below me. it took me a minute to grab my back pack and climb down the tree using the rope. it's not the greatest process but it's the safest.

I ripped my two arrows from the zombies heads and wiped them off on their clothes.

"thanks..." I mumbled.

I took off down a warn path threw the forest. I had a few snares set up along the river bank. it was a simple slip knot made with a metal wire, a lot of rabbit run around and all animals gotta drink.

I could hear the sound of moving water ahead of me and I moved between some bushes on the rocky shore of the river that ran through the woods. it's more of a stream now, water levels have been decreasing rapidly, we haven't seen rain for weeks.

I stared down the bank of the river for any movement.

"no way..." I gasped.

a good sized deer tipped it's head down getting a drink of water. I haven't seen a deer here since I set up camp. the deer was in range so I slowly pulled an arrow out of my quiver that was strapped across my chest and placed the end of it on the string. I pulled it back and aimed it at the deers neck. I was about to let it go and-


I quickly crouched down and back up into the bushes. I pulled a branch down and looked where my prize had been standing im sure he ran off spooked by the gun shot. the deer lay dead on the rocks where I last seen it. I waited for who ever was stealing my deer to come out of the trees and take his kill. maybe it's hunters...

the hunters where a rather large gang that control most communities around here. most try to avoid him and his bandana employees.

finally somebody came out and walked towards the dead deer. I couldn't get a good look at him from this far away but I could see he was tall, short dark hair I think.  he had some kind of hat or something sitting on top of his head, maybe goggles? he had a black bandana wrapped around his face blocking me from getting any details.

I watched the man gut the deer and clean it taking out what ever meat it had and wrapping it and placing it in his pack. I waited for him to turn a head back the way he had came. once it looked clear I crossed the stream over to the dead deer. it was very small and very thin, not like how it looked from a distance. I stared into the forest where the man had went and then back into the direction of my camp. I wasn't about to let this deer go, I very much deserved it after what I've been through.

hey guys I know it seems a little lame right now but I promise it's gonna get better within the chapters.

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