Things were beginning to take a turn. Maybe my luck was actually changing. Although terribly controlling at times, Harry wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be. When he told me that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want, I was relieved.

I was thankful to him when allowed me to go for a short walk outside. I promised that I wouldn't do anything reckless and seemingly, he trusted me. But sneaking a phone call at a booth wouldn't hurt, would it?

I made sure I closed the door of the booth properly before I pushed in a coin and picked up the phone. My fingers quickly pressed the buttons, punching in  the only sequence of numbers I remembered.

My call was quickly answered.  I was instantly calmed when I heard the voice I'd been aching to hear for the longest time.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"It's Lia. Darren, it's me."

"God, Lia..." I heard him murmur. "I swear I'm going to beat the shit out of that Richard guy and whoever you're living with now. I'm going to-"

"Darren, stop."

"I just... I - I'm not going to let you get hurt." He lowered his voice, his concern showed in it.

"God, I miss you."

"Lia, we're going to do something about all this. I know some people who can help... you just need to hang on for a little bit longer. Can you call more often?"

"No, it's too risky. I don't know what'll happen if I get caught doing this."

"You need to write then. Write to us and we won't send anything back. I'm going to be with your family for quite a while. I need to know if you're okay."

"I'll try."

The sudden thump on the door of the booth made me tense up. Before I could respond, the door was pulled open. The phone was quickly dropped from my hands and conveniently, the line was cut off as well.

"What the hell are you doing?" Harry had his hands on the frame of the booth door, preventing me from escaping.

"I was just..." I trailed off, my fingers scratching the tips of one another.

"I trusted you to take a small walk outside and come back peacefully but you just had to screw things up, didn't you?"

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me outside. "You don't understand, I-"

"This is what I get for being nice, huh?" He spat, pulling me by the arm as he walked back to the house. "Who were you talking to anyway? My dad could get in trouble for this, you know that!"

"You wouldn't have to be afraid if you weren't doing anything wrong!" I retorted.

"Look, I know this is wrong. Believe me, I protested against all this shit. And, I'm sure every other guy would agree, I'd much rather take home a different girl every night than be stuck with one sex-phobe." He snarled when we reached the doorstep. "But my dad always gets it his way so here I am,"

Harry grappled at the knob before it was flung open. "And there you are." He finished as he pushed me inside.

I hated how quickly he could transition into a rowdy and aggressive person. He needed to be checked by a doctor.

Harry held the door open as he puffed out a sigh. "I'm going out now and I need you to behave, do you understand?"

I didn't reply. The aftermath of Harry's actions was my focal point. My arm was hurting and it was most probably bruised. My eyebrows curved into a frown, expressing discontent.

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