Chapter 34

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New York, 2015

Mimi sat at Tara side of the bed talking to her. It's been almost a month since Tara's breathing tube was removed. The swelling in her brain had reduced tremendously which was very good progress. The doctors said the first 24 hrs were crucial and important to see if she could breathe on her own. Then slightly she would be weened off the medication for her induced coma.

There was a lot of brainwave activity which meant she was responding well to stimulation such as their voices and their touch. They all have high hopes she would recover soon.

Daily, a ballon or floral bouquet was delivered from a classmate or distant relative with a get well card.
Mimi would read to her everyone them that would come and place it by her window.

"Pretty soon your room is gonna look better than the gift shop downstairs girl," Mimi laughed a little.

She walked over to Tara's side then and gently held her hand.

"Please come back Tara, I miss you so much," she whispered.

She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her cousins forehead and leaned back too look down at her.

Suddenly, she felt a slight twitch and she looked down at Tara's hand joined with hers.
Mimi gasped and looked at Tara.

Her eyes were twitching erratically not like before but faster. The beeps from her monitor picked up its pace and Mimi turned towards the door in a rush calling for her Uncle and the Nurse.

She turned and ran back to Tara's side and squealed as her eyes briefly opened then closed.

"Omg!!" She smiled as fresh tears began to fall down her cheeks.

In that instant, her father entered  quickly followed by a nurse and an assistant.

"Mimi, what happened?" he asked looking at her then at Tara.

"Omg, she opened her eyes," she beamed with a tearful grin.

Awe spread across his face and a little disbelief as he turned to stand at Tara's side and impatiently watched the nurse check her monitor.

Soon after her Doctor entered.

"Dr. It shows there was some activity on the EEG monitor," the nurse informed him stepping to the side so he could check her.

They waited and watched as he waved a small flash light before her eyes. Then he stepped off to the side and observed her monitor.

He stood straight and turned to look at her father as he stepped closer.
" Is...everything ok.."

"No worries at all Greg, she is responding well. It's her reflexes, which is good we know she can open and close her eyes. We just have to wait until she full emerges from the coma," he said.

Relieved and emotional from the news he exhaled with a sob.
"So does this mean," he began.

"It only means that she is no longer in the sleep induced coma, she is transitioning. We wont know how extensive the injury was to the brain or what impact it had on her until she is fully awake then we will know."
The Dr. Said.

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