Chapter Ninety

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When Magnus failed to hypnotize the dragons to sleep, Charlie and Anora fed the dragons the meat that Sebastian had provided them. The meat had been laced with Sleeping Draught potion to have the dragons sleep through the travels to the arena where they would be staying for the duration of the tournament.

Magnus wished them safe travels, leaving Anora and Charlie mainly in charge of the operation of transporting.

However, while the potion proved effective in the beginning, when one dragon stirred during transport, all hell broke loose as they thrashed around in their cage.

Birdie, the female Hungarian Horntail, was the most difficult to handle as she continued to fight the potions effects, and try to attack every worker that neared her cage.

During the transport, three workers had been burned and Anora was beginning to regret recommending any of the dragons that weren't the Common Welsh Greens. If the trained handlers were getting hurt while the dragons were contained, she couldn't imagine how four students were supposed to manage the dragons, unleashed in an area while trying to get an egg.

"Why are you frowning?" Charlie asked her.

"I think I made a mistake."

"Doing what?"

"Maybe we should trade out the dragons.." she said.


"I don't want anyone going up against Birdie, they're going to end up dying." she said pulling at her hair. "Their death is going to be on my hands."

"Anora, relax, no one is going to get hurt."

"Well, they sure as hell aren't going to be thrilled when they're burned to a crisp."

"These four were selected for a reason, they'll be fine."

"What about Potter..he shouldn't even be in this competition. He's younger than all the other contestants. Less experienced in magic, now he has to face a dragon. If he gets Birdie-"

"He won't get Birdie. He has an equal chance to pick all the other dragons besides Birdie. Don't go getting crazy on me, we have enough to deal with, with all these dragons, I need you to keep your head at least until the first task is over. After that, feel free to go as mental as you please."

Upon arriving to the grounds of Hogwarts, they were led to the edge of the Forbidden Forest by Professor Dumbledore himself and the Ministry Officials.

"I must say it's a delight to see you two again. We weren't able to say goodbye properly the last time we spoke." Dumbledore said greeting the two.

"Uh well..." Charlie rubbed the back of his awkwardly.

"I'm pretty sure you already knew we were leaving, didn't you Professor?" Anora looked to the man.

Dumbledore didn't say anything but his wink answered her question before he led them to the area to set up for the evening.

"So not that I need to tell you any of this...but um...we're not going to mention the dragons to my mother at any point." Charlie said pulling out his wand as he and Anora prepared to stun Birdie who was thrashing around.

"Charles are you suggesting we withhold information from your own mother?"

"Joking aside, Ron told me she's really not happy that Harry's in the tournament, she would flip if she found out about the dragons, and she would flip even more knowing we were the ones who brought the dragons over."

"We could tell her that the dragons decided to take a leisurely flight over-"

Charlie gave her a look. "Alright...wait so are Ron and Harry friends because last letter you received Ron had plenty of...colorful things to call Harry."

"Who knows but I was going to invite Ron to give Harry a heads up about his first task."

"Do you two mind continuing this conversation later!" A worker yelled to them as Birdie tried to snap through her cage.

Anora drew her wand. "Birdie, settle down!"

The potions had worn off all the dragons leaving all the handlers to scramble together and stun the dragons.

It took seven workers including Anora and Charlie to cast the stunning spell to bring Birdie down.

"I think Birdie and Sultan would make an amazing power couple." Anora huffed brushing her hair from her sweaty forehead.

She walked over to the cage as the dragon had finally collapsed but was still breathing heavily.

Crouching down in front of Birdie, Anora frowned slightly.

"I don't like this anymore than you do, Birds. Trust me. But I'll make it up to you dragons when we get back to the sanctuary, prime meat for all meals. Nice lean meat, as bloody as can be, just how you guys like it."

"Trying to bribe the dragons?" Charlie asked.

"No, trying to comfort them. They're all kinds of upset."

"I know but we won't be here too long. They get through the first task and they can head right back to the sanctuary. We'll all go home."

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