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Hey guys!

Okay so I got tagged a few times and I - being sick and lazy - never got around to doing it Inbetween my laborious, torcherous days of Netflix bingeing and wallowing in my own pain. XD. But okay here we go!

Here's how it works:

1. 13 facts about me (I know your all quivering for some fun facts) :B
2. I answer the questions I was tagged
3. The I create 13 more
4. Then tag 13 awesome people *rules were meant to be broken*

❶ My room is themed Alice in wonderland, Pirates *wink wink*, and enchanted forest. In a more modern, mature way.

❷ I'm leading a 'oncer' double life, citizen by day - Oncer by night. (My family doesn't know, and can't know about my obsession & oncer life or I'd be in big trouble)

❸ I'm 17. I have a irrelevant fear of fish.

❹ I'm a Dirty Blonde with Blue eyes ~ Though I bathe quite frequently, thank you very much. Much like Killian jones. Cause Nobody wants a dirty pirate! ☹ Sorry I have 0% self control.

❺ I have a horse named Jesse, and she is by far the best thing that's ever happened to me. I worked very hard to get her, and I got her *my first horse* When I was 14. But I had to pay for her.

❻ Mkay - Invision a electrocuted Marshmallow.... You see it? That's what my horse looks like in the winter. A puff ball!

❼ Donuts, Cheetos, CAKE.... Are a few of my weaknesses However I was recently cursed. And Now I can't have Sugar or Wheat. I neeeeeeeeed it ;-;

❽ I love to be active, I live for playing Sports. And social gatherings! But it's always great to come home afterwards and chill.

➒ I've been to Disney Land 10 times, and I'm going again February 5th with @wholigan ! Getting in for free, and I've never had to pay to get in because my dads aunt works there *evil grin*

➓ THEY had a OUAT set up at Disney last year, charming's costume- Regina's 'wedding crasher' from the Pilot - And maleficent's. When I saw them..... I was walking with my family *who can't know about ouat* And I thought it was a Flynn rider costume at first, so I was like "Oh, that's cool.. Hey guys look at-" (realizes it's OUAT and mentally punches self) *accidentally trips over aunt, and we both go down in the street* It wasn't pretty.... But thus it created the diversion I needed and no one looked at the display.

❶❶ Dont pay attention to that eleven.. It's ugly and distracting. Anyways, I love Art and Music. I dabble with drawing, and Just started writing for the first time ever with Royal Flares.

❶❷ One day I decided I wanted a tree on my wall, surprisingly my mom aloud me to paint a giant tree silhouette with dare I say it.... Permanent black paint It actually turned out! I love it :3 but let's talk about trust XD Though I felt like my mom was gonna pop over my shoulder and smack me for drawing on the walls like when I was a little lass.

❶❸ I have an unhealthy love and obsession for the ocean. And my dream Vacations are for Hawaii, Ireland and DISNEY WORLD.

(14. Bonus. They say that depending on what you've been through, or dealt with in your life it will effect who and what you ship. Basically - Relationships in general. And I really believe that.
Because for me, the weaknesses that I have are very much like Emma swan's since the beginning. Trusting, letting people in... All that crap! And the qualities I value, and cherish and have never found, Are those of Killian Jones. (But y'all know him, so I won't drawl on in detail) But He is just an incredible man when he sets his heart and mind to something, he's so devoted and loyal, and unselfish. Honestly I need that for my walls and crap. XD Captain swan is not only my OTP, but it's also my only ship because My heart doesn't have any more room <3

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