Chapter 1:

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Nicole's POV:
"NICKI WAKE UP!! YOUR GONNA BE LATE!!!" My mom shouted from down stairs.
I turn around to see my clock and see that she wakes me up an hour early, knowing that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.
I walk downstairs to the kitchen to see my mom, dad, brother, and sister all at the table eating breakfast.
"Morning guys! Mom why did you wake me up so early?"
"Because I knew that you would sleep in."
"Well there's no point in going back to sleep now."
"Yea no duh"
That's my older brother Conner. He's 17 and a senior at McArthur High School. That's where I go but I'm a Junior. HE IS VERY ANNOYING!
"Shutup Connor!"
" HEY! No fighting! Princess Sugarplum is trying to get some sleep!"
That was my little sister Sienna. She's 6 and also very annoying, but I love her.
"Sorry Sienna."
"Hey mom and dad, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sleeping over Allison's house tonight. Is that ok with you guys?"
"Yeah, sure, just as long as her parents are okay with it and you make sure to call us." My dad said strictly.
"Okay sure" I said with a giggle.
"When will you be back Nicki?" Sienna said worried.
"Maybe on friday sisi" (Sisi is sienna's nick name. Like cici but with S's)
I finished eating and went to get ready for school. I left the house and said goodbye to my parents and Sienna.
As I walk out the door I see Allison walking towards my driveway.
(For those of you who don't know who Allison is, she is Nicki's best friend)
"I was just about to come and knock on your door" Allison said.
"Well there is no need for that since I'm already outside!"
We both laughed.
We had finally arrived at school.
As I walk up to my locker, I see my boyfriend Alex waiting at my locker.
"Hey babe what's up"
As I lean in to give him a kiss, he backs away. He seemed nervous.
"Alex, whats wrong?"
"Look Nicole, we need to talk." He said with a serious face.
My heart just sinked thinking about what he was going to say.
"What is there to talk about?"
Just as he was about to open his mouth, Nevaeh Walked over locking hands with Alex.
(Nevaeh is the most popular girl in school.)
"Nevaeh! Get off of him!! He's my boyfriend!!!"
"Oh you didn't tell her yet Alex?" Nevaeh said with a smirk on her face.
God I hate her.
"Tell me what Alex!!" I said practically screaming.
A crowd started to form. I didn't notice or care since I was focused on Alex.
"I'm sorry Nicki, but I'm breaking up with you." He said dully.
"W-w-what" I said stuttering while a tear was rolling down my cheek.
"You clearly heard him say that he is breaking up with you. Deal with it, it's not like he liked you anyway. C'mon babe" she said proudly.
"You're dumping Nicki for NEVAEH! How could you Alex, your my close friend, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HER!!" Alli said shouting in his face.
He just walked away hand-in-hand with Nevaeh.
I just stood there frozen. The crowd left and the first period bell rang.
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