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It was a boring usual day. You found out an app called "" on the AppStore. You downloaded it and used the song called "Wifi Wifey". The song then goes on and you did some moves. You tried it over and over till you get a hang of it. Finally, You got the perfect one. You posted it up to your account. You went to check the Top people and you saw a boy that caught your eyes. He seem familiar. You read his name out loud until your mom heard you.
Y/N : Kenneth... San.. Jose..
Mom : Him?!
Y/N : Who is he? He seem familiar..
Mom : It's your best friend when both of you were babies! I got to go to the store now. Take care of the house. Bye!
Your mom locked the main door and went to the store.
Y/N's POV :
Kenneth... He forgotten about me since he moved out to Hollywood....
Back to normal :
You sighed. You had a crush on him since day one and you had never told about it. You went to check his instagram. He had 214k followers. There's NO way you could dm him.. He will not be able to notice you.. You turned his post notification on and locked your phone while you lie on your bed. Suddenly, you got a notification "@,,,Kensanjose has posted a new picture!" You checked his new picture and it was a picture of him. You screenshotted it and posted it on instagram with the caption of "I miss my best friend..😔". You locked your phone and went downstairs leaving your phone behind and grabbed a packet of cheetos and went back to your room. You saw your lock screen went on. There was a few notifications. "@,,,______ liked your photo.","@,,,________ liked your photo and lastly, there was one which caught your eye "@,,,Kensanjose liked your photo." You jumped out your bed and screamed at the top of your lungs then, you got another notification. It's a DM notification. You clicked on it and it was from @,,,Kensanjose. You accepted it and he said "Look, I'm truly sorry. Message me @ + _ ( _ _ _ ) _ _ _ -_ _ _ _" (his phone number lol).

-To be continued-

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