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⚠ - Through this whole story there will be mature language - ⚠

You walked down the small pathway from your house to Fairy Tail, the guild you had wanted to join ever since your dragon parent left you. Along the way, you would kick pebbles and look at the scenery around you.

"Life is so.. fragile.." you thought.

You stopped as you looked at the guild doors and took a deep breathe.

"I should be payed just for dealing with these idiots."

You pushed open the doors and as soon as you did, you punched the incoming table heading your way, breaking it in half.

"(Y/N)! Tell Ice Princess that I can kick his ass anytime time of the week! "

Gray just scoffed at Natsu's comment and squinted at him.

"Yeah, then prove it flame brain!"

Before Natsu could make a move, you swiftly came over to them and knocked their heads together.

"I don't have time to deal with you idiots everyday! I'd like to enter the guild once without having to come into contact with a flying table!"

There was a dark aura around you as Natsu and Gray hugged each other for dear life.

"(Y/N), grant us mercy! We won't do it again! We promise!"

They both spoke in unison, afraid to speak alone. A little blue exceed flew around you and landed on your shoulder.

"Aye! If Natsu was smart he wouldn't make you mad and ask to go on an S-Class mission with you instead!"

You giggled at his comment and smirked a bit.

"Happy, you know Natsu isn't smart like that. "

Happy chuckled and flew onto Natsu, who was still shaking in fear. Truth be told, you hadn't been training for 7 seven years, so you thought you had lost your ability to be fierce. By the looks of it, you were wrong. It has been a week since you and the Tenrou group has come back from the mission it took 7 years to return from, and it pissed you off. Everywhere a fairy tail member went, they were ridiculed. Of course you weren't one of them, still holding up the reputation you worked so hard to get.


Natsu waved a hand I'm front of your face.

"We only have a little less than 3 months to train for the Grand Magic Games and I uh.. was wondering if you wanted to train with me..?"

Natsu quickly hid behind Gray after he asked.

"Don't hide behind me!"

You smiled at both boys, then focused on Natsu.

"Yes Natsu, I'll train with you."

You rolled your eyes and walked towards the guild door.

"Now, are you coming?"

He nodded and followed behind you.

"What a dork."

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