Love Olympus (3)

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It was weird to think I slept like a baby during the whole night. You would think being sucked into an underworld with strange creatures betting on your life would phase me, but no.

I woke up late at night with myself breathing hard. My chest was sweaty and my forehead burning. It was dark so I couldn't see anything. There was no watch in sight so I didn't know what time it was. Mainting my breathing I placed my strangely cold hands onto my face.

"You okay?" Clarks sudden voice made me flinch.

"Yeah," I nodded not looking his way.

"Here," he threw me what seemed like a wrapper. I picked it up not knowing what it was and just ate it. It was a chewy granola bar, something I enjoyed eating at lunch. I started to chew slower remembering the fact I could never eat a granola bar back at earth ever again... That is if I win this years love game.

The remainder of the night was the same and sleep still didn't come easy. I continued to toss and turn the whole night so it didn't come to a surprise when I could feel someone staring at me. Their face was so close that I could feel the warm breath trickle over my nose.

I kicked my foot up and heard a long breath painfully escape someone's lips. My eyes shot open as a hand went directly over my mouth. Mr. Smirk was staring down at me with a scowl on his face. I followed his hand down and quickly looked back up when I realized he was gripping his familiar necklace. A faded childhood memory

When we both calmed down he slowly moved his hand away from my mouth. I looked over to see that Clark was still sleeping. Mr. smirk motioned for me to follow him out in the hall.

"What do you want?" I hissed.

"You each get to meet with your cupids so I thought we could get a head start."

I folded my arms over my chests and gave him a defiant glare. "I'm not going anywhere with you unless it follows the rules. Last time you decided to break them I ended up in this house fighting for my life!" I kept my tone as low and unshaking as possible.

"As long as it's our designated days then I can meet up with you anytime I want. Plus," he huffed, mimicking my defensive stance, "We have cameras here so lying is impossible."

The fat cupid, from yesterday, walked past us and nodded once. He entered the green door which I found kind of ironic. The two most gorgeous, fit people in the house had an out of shape cupid.

"Focus Venus," he said, waving a hand in front of my face. "You can say no but I don't really advise that."

"Fine let's go," I said, letting out a loud sigh.

We walked through the house and came to a door I hadn't noticed before. He opened it to reveal steps that lead into a basement area. I was a bit leery about entering but his pleading tired eyes finally made me give in.

I was also tired and was not in the mood arguing with Mr. Smirk. The lights magically flickered on and I noticed there were four more doors. Each had a color on them which I assumed was designated for the teams.

This proved to be correct after he lead me to a red door.
Inside was a small fan with a round table and a few chairs. The table had some papers and pens but I wasn't really sure what those were for.

"Take a seat," said Mr. Smirk, pointing to one of the chairs.

I obediently followed and waited until he was sitting across from me. Both of us stared for a few moments before he decided to speak.

"Let's just get right down to business," he said, folding his arms and leaning forward. "When I disappeared I couldn't keep track of you or what was happening in your life."

"I figured."

He ignored the last comment and continued to speak like my opinion didn't matter.

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