Chapter 21

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Stealing Hearts 7/14/13

Chapter 21

Authors POV



Allison felt broken throughout her entire body. Her ribs burned making her stomach churn making her gasp at the pain. Her head pound against her skull in agony. The side of her face stunned questionably. She sat up slowly not letting her head get dizzier then it already was. The room before her was painted a beige color of nothing. The room was bare, nothing in the room at all. A door leads to a bathroom, but that’s all the room held. Allison grabbed her mid stomach groaning as the pain shoot up her body.

“Honey! How are you? I haven’t seen you since-“ Allison cut of her father with an anger on her face.

“You son of a bitch! Do you think you can waltz up in here and control me once again you bloody wanker? You fucking left-“ Her anger was cut off short by her mother entering the room.

“And now were back. Miss me?” Allison stood up ignoring the pain in her body walking up to her no good mother. He draws her fist back bringing it upon her mother’s ignorant face.

“You little bitch.” She growls walking forward to the broken girl. Shelby held her face in one hand and slapped Allison with the other. And echo sets off across the room. Her mothers once brown eyes turned a dreadful black. They burned into Allison’s grey’s eye.

“You will treat me, your mother, with respect!” Shelby yelled at your daughter. Allison looked back with hatred.

“Mother! Mother? You still think you’re my mother? You are not a mother to me anymore you bitch!” Allison snapped, growling at Shelby. Shelby stood there wide-eyed shocked. She brought back her hand back slapping the same cheek once again.


“Is earned.” Allison continued cutting off her mother. Shelby showed anger as she growled.

“Then you won’t get any food, little ungrateful bitch.” Allison held her stomach not caring about the food, but more about her broken ribs. Her father, the entire time, kept his down towards the floor. Sorrow painted his face as his wife left the room leaving his daughter in more pain. He looked up slightly facing his daughter like he wanted to say something. Instead he just ends up walking out the room locking it closed. Allison sighed slowly lying back down on the hard woodened floor. Her ribs throbbed promising bruises on her body.

It wasn’t even an hour later, when her mother walked back through the door smirk placed on her face. The smirk mocked Allison, who was lying on the floor having more pain by the minute.

“Hello lovely daughter. Have you learned to behave?” She questions with a sick smile on her face. Allison shook her head no, in too much pain to talk. This made Shelby smile knowing she caused some of the pain.

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