Chapter 3

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Third Person POV

After (Y/N) had gotten the exceeds back, she joined 'Team Natsu' and couldn't help but over here someone say 'the Grant Magic Games'. You were clueless so you asked Erza, a member of Team Natsu.

"The Grand Magic Games are competitive challenges that the king of Fiore declares. Eight teams are chosen normally from a sky labyrinth to compete in these various challenges," Erza explained. You made you're mouth make a 'o' shape. You had become friendlier with the guild and no one was terrified of you anymore.

"They are in three days actually, so the master is going to announce the five competitors for this year. I hope you get chosen," finished Lucy. "Okay well thanks!," you exclaimed showing them a closed eyed smile.

You doubted you would be chosen, seeing as you joined just about three months ago. You still had yet to use you're magic because it was so strong and none needed when there's Team Natsu.

Master Makarov walked up to a little table in the main area. He was going to most likely declare the competitors for the Grand Magic Games. He cleared his throat and began to talk,"Listen up brats! These are the people who will compete,
Fire poured out of Natsu's mouth.
He smirked
She just replied,"I'll do my best"
She just deadpanned and replied,"Eh?"
"And (Y/N)!"
You smirked. I guess you'll hold back.

(I replaced Elfman with you!)

•~•~•~•Timeskip To The Games~•~•~•

After the sky labyrinth had finished it had narrowed all the teams to eight. That made it so much easier than fighting one hundred thirteen teams, but you wouldn't have complained anyways.

"Okay, so first we will introduce the teams, kabo! The teams are in no order, kabo!
Lamia Scale,
Raven Tail,
Fairy Tail,
Mermaid Heel,
Blue Pegasus,
Fairy Tail Team B,
And Quatro Puppy! Good luck and you have five minutes to pick you're competitors for Hidden! Kabo!"

Gray just stood up and said,"I'll go first" no one argued and just nodded.

"Okay everyone has a competitor it looks like so here are the names,
Eve from Blue Pegasus,
Gray from Fairy Tail,
Juvia from Fairy Tail Team B,
Lyon from Lamia Scale,
Rufus from Sabertooth"

The names went on but you ignored them. You were wondering what you were going to compete in. You weren't nervous just curious.

"And those are the competitors. Good luck,and

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