Ch. 5

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Kaydens pov

Is this how she felt when I rejected her? I know what I did was right. I don't need a pathetic human as my mate or Luna for my pack, I need someone better like Cilla to be by my side.

"No! We need her she is our other half, she will make us stronger-" my wolf started

" and weak, shell make us weak and destroy our pack!" I yelled

My wolf growled but kept silent.

The pain was slowly fading away just in time for Nick my beta to come running towards me.

"What the hell happened, Kayden," he helped me up.

"I found my mate, that's what happened," I groaned as I stood up.

"What really, where is she. When are you going to announce it to the pack? Did you mark her already? Why are you in pain on the ground-" he said with excitement in his voice.

"Shut up Nick, I rejected her!" I yelled

"Wai- what but w-why," he stuttered

"It was Nevaeh, the pathetic human. I want you to take her to the cells for harming your alpha and if she puts up a fight take Tatum as well." I said in a cold voice.

"Yes alpha," he said with hatred towards her.

I walked outside where Cilla was leaning on my car flirting with a guy.  

I growled and he paled running away like the coward he is.

I walked towards her and grabbed her wrist tightly and made my way to the forest.

"Oow that hurts Kayden, you're hurting me!" She hissed

"Shut up Cilla," I growled and she whimpered but kept silent.

I walked further into the forest and pushed her into the tree and kissed her furiously with anger and pain. 

She moaned and started to unbuttoned my shirt. I took a step back and took off my shirt. She was kissing my neck as she out both legs around my waist.

I flinched in disgust as my wolf growled in pain but I ignored it. I pulled her hair and started kissing her neck. I knew what I was going to do was the right thing. I needed someone who can make my pack stronger not weaker. I didn't need Nevaeh when I'm with the hottest girl in school, she would be by my side and be my Luna. Nevaeh was just a mistake, she's a human and our pack would be the laughing stock if I hadn't rejected her. So I knew what I had to do besides she was a good lay.

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