The Destructive Truce

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Hey guys,
No, this is not a chapter. I just wanted to tell you that my new computer has been in the shop this whole break. I love electronics, but this computer situation is really messing with me. I am now typing from my phone because I care about all of you all, and for some reason you want me to continue writing. My first semester of college ended. I got straight A's. God is good! Enjoy anyway.

«·''·.(*·.¸('·.¸*XIII. The Destructive Truce *¸.·')¸.·*).·''·»

Coping is a defense mechanism that has been around for years

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Coping is a defense mechanism that has been around for years. It's the one thing that comes as a reaction when pain rears its ugly head. We cry, we hope, we grieve, and soon we withdraw. It's when we finally withdraw that we see our inner strength come about.
We get a glimpse of our true character.
It is during this last stage that others who have hurt us see how strong we are, how much we have grown. It is completely fine to cope; it's completely fine to go and privately lick your wounds.
It's absolutely fine because we are human beings, and that is what's so maddening about being human. We were never created to be invincible. We were never born to be perfect, to come out of life with absolutely no scars, no faults, no flaws, no stories to tell, no lessons to learn.
We are here to be punching bags – to have life punch us, smack in the face, to be kicked in the obliques when surprises arise, to be robbed, to be knocked to the ground when obstacles blocks our path to success. However, we are meant to go through a rebirthing process in order to change for the best, grow, and learn from our mistakes.


"Look, I know that  something happened between you and Luis, and you broke up. I don't know all the details; however, if you don't want to see him anymore, then please tell him. He's been coming over for three weeks now off and on just waiting for you. Lying to the boy about you not being here is getting tougher and tougher. He's acts like an injured  puppy for crying out loud. You both do, and there is only so much a person can take!"

I just stare straight ahead at the wall. My mom sighs in contempt and walls away completely frustrated. It wasn't like I did nothing at all. I went to school. My grades were even higher I guess. I had hung out with Josheb and Angil. I had just went on a date with him earlier, and we clicked in our own way. We'll always be be best friends, and he'll always be attractive to me. However, there are a huge amount of attractive guys in the world, but being attractive is never going to be enough.

It's now 9am on a Saturday morning, and I am dying of boredom. Thinking about my consistent troubles had proven to be draining and unsatisfactory. The doorbell rang, and I rush down the stairs to go see who it is. Hopefully, it's Angil. My mom had went to the grocery store, but it's not like I had been eating a lot lately; I lost 10 pounds in the last three weeks.

I ended up going looking out of the blurry glass doorway. The stunning familiarity of sapphire blue appears through the door. I close my eyes and sigh in annoyance. I want him to leave me be; I am nowhere near over his betrayal, nowhere near it, and I hadn't seen him in a month except when we crossed paths by accident.

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