chapter 5

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Erza i love you


Erza's POV:

Why is this so hard to say.

"Lucy i dont know why, but when i look at you i feel like i could fly. I think i like you."

"But.... I'm not sure yet. You are unlike other people i know. You're sweet and like j-just so damn beautiful"

Lucy stared at me in shock.

"Im sorry i shouldn't of said anything. I mean you're obviously straight, y-you like Natsu. I don't know what i was thi-"

I was cut of when i felt a pair of soft plump lips on mine.
I kissed back right away.our lips moved i perfect harmony. When the lack of aur became a problem i pulled away.

"Wow" i said. Great now you sound like an idiot.

"Erza I love you too"
"I've always had i juat didnt know how to tell you th-"

"Hey did you guys make out yet?!" Mira screams as she opens the door.

"Shut up! You ruined the moment!" I say angrily.

Lucy's POV

It's good to know that Erza liked me back. However this moment right now was quite troublesome...

I'm currently holding Erza as she is throwing everything in the closet at Mira. Suddenly a shoe hits mira's face and she fainted.

" how does Mira just randomly faint from a shoe?!" I think to myself.


Ten minutes later after we take Mira to the infirmary Erza grabs my hand out side the guild. She grabs my cheeks and kisses me roughly and passionate. This was the best day ever.

(Im just joking I'm gonna continue)

It's now night time and Erza is staying over at my house our apartment building.

I sat on my bed daydreaming about Erza and just thinking of what to add to my book while Erza was showering.

I slowly got up and took out a piece of paper.

Dear mom,
Hey, what's going on? I've been good. At the guild everyone treats me like family and we protect eachother all the time, but you've probably heard that before. I have some good news though. I've met this very nice girl she make me very happy. I hope you're okay with me being lesbian and all. Even if you don't it's okay I still love you. That's it for my life i guess. I miss you very much.
Love your daughter,
Lucy Heartfillia

I put the letter in an envelope and leave on my desk. Yawning i slowly walked over to my bed and closed my eyes.

Suddenly i felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist.

"Hey beautiful, you look cozy can i join?" Erza whisoers into my ears.

Honestly, I Lucy Heartfillia was very turned on right now. She smelled nice. But we just got in a relationship so i didn't want to take it too far.

"Baaaabbbe, come and cuddle with me. You're so warm."
Both of us cuddled on my bed. My head on her chest. And we both fell asleep together.

Hey sorry this update took so long. I was having writer's block and didn't know what to write. But it's a double update. YAY. I hoped you liked it.


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