Chapter 4 - Bath Time

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It's been a week since you've joined the most powerful crew in the world. And you must say, it was a nightmare.

Being the only female on the crew didn't help at all either.

The only ok guys were most likely Marco, Ace, Thatch and Teach.

Yeah, Teach will tell you a dirty joke or two, but it wasn't anything big.

While the others... You were afraid of taking a bath! A bath! You feared that they'll peek in the bathroom while you took that god damn bath. It was that bad.

You thought that sticking around with oyaji will help, but nooooo. He would just laugh at the situation you would be put in and after that, you had to deal with that problem on your own.

This was getting out of hand.

That's why, Ace actually felt sorry for your ass and decided to help you. So that's the story of how you died.

Well, you haven't died, yet, but you were sure your end was near. Why? You've been on this ship for a week, and you fell off the ship so many times now, you've lost the count.

Why you would fall off the ship that often?

Most likely, it was Ace fault. The first time, it was a prank, the second was an accident, the thrid you fell on your own and so on...

You realized you were weak and that's why you asked Ace to train you.

You actually realized that, the moment you fell the fifth time? Probably the fifth time, but that happened because of a bird. A bird.

"You're giving up already?" Ace asked you, while you were sitting on the floor, trying to catch your breath.

He was satan. That's for sure. He wouldn't let you rest even if it was the end of the world.

But you coould not say that his training was in vain. For example, today was the first time you punched three of the crew members in the head when they tried to ask what color your panties are. (Brook wrong crew)

"Shut up! It's not a fair fight! You're cheating! You're a devil fruit user!" You said as you stood up.

"Enough complaing. Life isn't fair. even if you're not a devil fruit user, the one who is, isn't going to hesitate to kill you."

"Yeah but- I'm tired. You always wake me up so early! What? You're that awake that you could not wait three more hours for me to wake up?"

"(Name), you wake up at 12 in the afternoon. What three more hours when you have this bad habit of waking up so late?"

"It's not a bad habit! It's a talent."

Ace rolled his eyes but the his eyes widen.

"Wait (Name)! Look behind you-"

You felt like you were falling, which you were actually doing a few moments ago if it wasn't for Ace to stop you from falling into water.


"You okay?"

His face was close to yours. Anyone could misunderstand this very easily.

"Ahem." The two of you heard a someone that was clearing their through and the two fo you quickly let go of one another.

"Oh, Thatch, how's life?" You asked, while trying to play it cool.

"Not so good as yours? What were the two of you guys doing. Don't tell me, you're a couple?"

"No way!" Both you and Ace, said it at the same time.

"Oh come on! There is no point hiding it."

"Shut up!" Ace shouted at Thatch who was laughing.

"Whatever you say love birds. I'm going to tell Marco about this."

"Oi!" Ace ran after him, leaving you alone.

"Wait don't leave me alone, you idiot!" You tried to get Ace's attention but failed.

You sighed. For some weird reason, whenever you would be training with Ace, everyone would leave you alone.

"Damn, I should take a bath."

You went quickly in the bathroom and stripped.

Just as you dropped your last piece of clothing, the door opened.

Your eyes widen as you saw the person who entered the room. You quickly grabbed a piece of clothing that you just trew it on the ground and tried to cover yourself.

"(N-name) w-wha"

"GET OUT YOU PERVERT!" you screamed and quickly ran to lock the door.

How could I forget to lock the door?! I'm so stupid what the hell!

On the other side of the door, there stood Ace, with a face redder than a tomatoe.

"I heard screaming! What's wrong?" Marco ran towards Ace.

"I uhhh"

Marco quickly examined the situation.

The bathroom. A girl scream. Ace redder than a tomtoe.

It all made sense to him. Ace peeked into the bathroom while you were takinh a bath.

Marco shooked his hand and then placed one of his arms around Ace's neck.

"Was it a good view?" Marco asked.

Ace bulshed even more.

"I h-haven't peeked on her! I wanted to go and take a bath! I didn't know that she was inside taking a bath, herself!"

"Whatever you say, but did you got a good view?"

Ace just turned his head in another direction.

Marco smirked and then nod.

"I'm proud of you man. Not only that you see her naked but you kiss her on the same day!" Marco said before going back in the kitchen

"Huh? What? Oi Marco!"

After half a hour you were done with the bath and you decided to go and eat something.

When you entered the eating area, you were greeted by Marco and the others. And... Ace.

The moment the two of you made eye contact, both of you blushed and turned your head back to your meal.

"So I heard that you and Ace-"

"No. There is nothing between me and Ace, guys! Just stop it."

"Does that mean that you're still available?"

You rolled your eyes and continued eating.

"(Name) and Ace, oyaji wants to talk to you both." A pirate from Marco's division announced.

Both of you stood up. When there was only the two of you, Ace stopped.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"You have nice-"


I know this one is short aswell. But damn, what did Ace wanna say?

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