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With the holidays rapidly approaching, the overcast clouds above finally seemed to have caught on. Everyday swathes of wind and clouds stuffed with snow moved in the direction of Britain, according to the weather presenters on TV.

So far, it had been getting colder and colder, though the ground remained charcoal. The sky was full of plump clouds, the air cold enough to bite at any exposed skin, all mocking me with the almost promise of snow.

"Lily Grace Baker, will you stop sulking, and listen to me!"
Mum's piercing shriek coincided precisely with her sudden brake. I glanced across at her, muttering something about the Highway Code.

"I'm not sulking."

"Well you're certainly not listening," the car swerved sharply as Mum swung past a car, the toe of her high heels pressing into the accelerate pedal.

"Sorry." 'I was listening, at least until I figured you were going on about me breaking up with Dan, how it's not too late to admit my mistake, why you can't understand why I did it. Everything you keep repeating.'
Mum gave an unbelieving sigh, as though she was the one being subjected to an disappointed analysis of their life. "When was the last time you had Alexa over, or the other girls? I never see you now, you're always locked away in your room."

"You never see me cause you're hardly home."

Another sigh, eyes locked upon the road and fingers tightly wound around the wheel. When she spoke, the usual briskness has been replaced by a tone that dripped with sweetness like honey. "I'm making an effort Lily, driving you to school, you know how busy I am. You should be doing things too, going out more and enjoying life like most people your age."

The saccharine words were too sweet, leaving me with a rotting hollowness, her inadvertent tactlessness stinging.

'Maybe I'm not most people anymore.' I remained silent.
Mum's voice descended into harshness again. "What about all those parties you used to be invited to? Bet Dan and your friends are still going to them-you'll lose that boy if you're not careful. Honestly, I don't know what is going on in that head of yours."

"No. You don't understand. Your only concern is I'm not living up to your own failed expectations."

"Lil'," she began, forced to pull into the lay-by, her own time constraints working against her.

"Don't call me that."

Snatching my bag out of the footrest before Mum could, I was greeted by a breath snatching breeze. Giving the door a satisfying slam, I ignored the chill that was already freezing up my veins and stormed off up the slippery pavement as best I could. After a few paces, the familiar exhaust noise came, the sound of her driving away fading whilst I pulled out my scarf and looped it around my neck.

Digging my hands deep into the coat pockets, I hurried into school. As welcoming as the ordinarily stuffy but now toasty heating system of inside was, I had to make a slight detour first.

Approaching the bike shed, I smiled at the hunched figure of the one person who actually used the storage thing.

My footsteps melted in with the tap of footsteps as others crossed the courtyard, and I stole towards Taylor. Just as I reached him, I inhaled deeply, watching wisps of cold breath issue from my lips with the cry,"Allons-y!"

As much as Taylor might try and deny it, he jumped a mile at my voice, regardless of this having become an informal meeting place.

"Let's not go, for the moment," Taylor muttered, the only acknowledgement of my presence aside from leaping out of his skin. He remained knelt down, fiddling with something.

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