CHAPTER 24 | late night walk

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As they exited the hotel into the night air, Sydney quickly placed her hands into her coat pockets. While the days were still warm, the crisp evening chill reminded her that summer was losing its battle with the oncoming winter.

She opened her mouth to make her exit but was stopped when Ethan was pulled aside by a man who sat on Treadstone's board of directors.

His, "I'll be right back," ensured she was denied making a quick getaway.

Sydney moved out of the way of a passing group of tourists taking photos, and from her vantage point, studied the organized chaos. She smiled. If nothing, the city was predictable. The constant flow of foot traffic, coupled with the slow-moving, bumper-to-bumper vehicles along the main thoroughfare ensured that the sounds were bombarding her senses from all directions.

She glanced up and down the street as the aroma of chestnuts roasting over an open fire wafted by. Not seeing where the source originated, Sydney focused on the bedlam currently playing out in front of her. A steady stream of guests from the event were filtering out of the Carlton, towards an endless supply of yellow cabs, which ducked in to pick up their ride, and an instant later was tucked back into the sea of late night traffic.

She looked up and down the street, evaluating her options. Walk the few blocks, or cab home?

Before she could make a decision, she noticed someone waving to her from the far side of the entrance. Roy, Ethan's colleague she had met earlier, broke away from the small gathering. "Hey Sydney," he said as he closed the distance. "I was hoping I'd catch you before you leave. It was nice meeting you." He handed her a small white card. "If you're ever near Greenwich Comedy Club on open mike night, pop in. I could always use the support."

Sydney glanced down at the business card. Roy had scrawled the address of the club and the dates he was performing. "It was a pleasure," she said looking back up at him. From the corner of her eye, she spied Janet studying their interaction with a great deal of interest.

For some reason, the woman irritated her beyond belief. "Will Janet be there?"

Roy glanced over towards his colleague. Noticing she had been caught out, Janet raised her chin and refocused on the person next to her. He began to laugh aloud. "God, I hope not."

The sound carried to Ethan who glanced around to see where it was coming from. He quickly finished his conversation and returned his attention to Sydney. "Sorry about that."

"It's quite all right. Roy was just filling me in on his comedy gigs," said Sydney, nodding towards Ethan's colleague.

Roy grinned. "You know me, ever the salesman," he said and then winked. "And it never hurts to have a pretty woman in the audience cheering you on."

A car horn blared impatiently from somewhere close by, which had them turning in the direction it had come from.

"That's my ride," said Roy when he recognised the vehicle. Making his goodbyes, he rushed over to the double-parked car, got in, and a moment later was gone.

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