Chapter 15- Picture Perfect...

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(15) She's Your Little Girl

Recap- "Uh huh", Logan said before taking a step closer to me and smashing his lips to mine.

"What was that for", I asked shocked as he took a step back a second later.

"I just felt like it", he said smiling and tucking a loose piece of hair behind my ear.

"Sometimes I feel like kicking you in the balls...that doesn't mean I do it", I said smirking lightly at him as he frowned.

"You just want an excuse to touch em" he said sarcastically as he took my hand and pulled me down to where the water was barely reaching our toes.

"I know you probably don't wanna talk about this...but what do you think life would be like if Rosalynn was here", he asked quietly as we sat down in the sand together.

"I think she would have changed our lives for good and bad", I murmured while tracing a finger through the sand.

"Do you think that we have a future together", he asked in a gentle voice looking directly at me making me feel self conscious.

"Hmm, it depends on whether or not your gonna be a dick the rest of your life", I said honestly making him crack a smile at my blunt tone.

"Yeah", he said sighing and looking out at the beautiful waves and the sun that you could feel tingling your skin. Cliché right? Yeah very.

When we finished fooling around in the water and pushing each other in we stood to where the water was at our waist and we were looking back at the shore where a happy family sat.

"Would you like to come to my room tonight", Logan whispered even though no one could hear us.

"Is that an invitation", I asked giggling and admiring the light pink tint to his cheeks.

"Yes", he said smiling before kissing me lightly on the lips in a teasing way. It wasn't very teasing though when I grabbed his face and brought it back down to mine making him smirk.

"That's just a preview of what could come later", he said teasingly taking my hand and leading me back to the beach. After I grabbed my stuff to walk back to the house with Logan by my side I glanced up and seen the family.

In that family was a dad with his arm around the woman with a little boy in front of them playing mindlessly in the sand while the mom held a baby. A little adorable baby girl. Before I realized it tears were springing into my eyes but I couldn't look away from the little baby girl.

"Come on Rashelle", Logan said trying to get me out of my daze because I knew that he knew what was staring at, a little healthy living baby girl.

"She's beautiful, your very lucky", I said to the woman who had turned her face to us curiously. She smiled and nodded a thank you but we were already walking away. Logan wrapped his arm around my waist and that felt like the only thing keeping me from falling to pieces right then and there.


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