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(read the first book black and blue, it will make a shit ton more sense.)

Phil sat in the chair, watching Dan's chest rise and fall. He tried ignoring all the tubes and machines beeping around him, making his body look so small.

After being told that Dan died on the operating table multiple times, Phil couldn't help himself as he continuously watched the heart monitor to make sure it stayed constant.

"Phil, please go home and get some rest. We'll be here with Dan, please sweetheart." Mrs. Howell had pleaded with him. Rubbing his back as he ignored her, watching the heart monitor. She sighed, and looked at her husband, as if he could talk some sense into the boy. Mr. Howell shook his head sadly, and sat down on the side opposite of Phil. He looked down fondly at his eldest son, tears brimming his eyes.

"Dan, you scared me. You scared me so badly." And he broke. For the first time in her life, Mrs. Howell saw her seemingly "made of steel" husband, cry. He gripped Dan's hand, with both of his own, bringing it up to his mouth, and kissing it with the tenderness of a mother bear. " I love you Daniel. I'm so happy you're here. "

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