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Hey guys! I'm back, with the sequel!  If you haven't read the first book, "Black and Blue" You kinda need to do that yo.

The winner of the cover contest was my bff meagan aka slutfourlarry i'm glad she won, bc hers looked like B&B's cover lol. Thank you to everyone who entered, i live you all.

I'll try to do weekly updates, but we all know how well that worked last time 😂😂

(disclaimer) This book will involve adult topics, and a lot of smut. But don't worry, there is fluff as well, because Phan fluff is my literal favorite. k, ENJOY!

I could hear my parents talking. I couldn't make out single words, but it sounded serious, due to their low tones and lack of laughter. That's how much of this week has gone. The moment I got home from the hospital they have had various different people visit, talking about legal things, and such. One very important factor being my lawyer. Mr. Rigg. And even though all of this involves me, they refuse to let me in on what the hell is going on. I know I'm in trouble. But I don't know how serious it is. It can't be that bad. It's not like I stabbed someone nearly to death.

I sigh loudly before tentatively getting out of bed, and walking to my door. I open it slowly, and start making my way downstairs.

"Dan, good morning." My mom smiles at me and I return it. "How are you feeling today? Have you taken your medicine yet?" She gets up and puts her arm behind my back to help me to the table. I appreciate the help, because I was starting to get really weak already.

"I feel okay. And no, can you get me my medicine please?" I ask her. She leaves the room to get it, and that's when I look at Mr. Rigg. "Hello Mark." I say. Ignoring the scowl my dad gives me.

"Hey Daniel. Nice to see you up and moving kid." He says genuinely.

"It's nice to be up and moving, believe me." I laugh half heartedly and check my phone. I have 2 texts from Phil.

Phil😊: "dannnnn im coming over at around noon, so look hot(;"

Phil😊: "do you need anything? im stopping at the store to get chocolate😍"

They were both from 30 minutes ago, so I didn't bother to reply. My mom came back and set a water bottle and my medicine in front of me. "Thanks mom." I say before I put the painkiller in my mouth.

15 minuets pass without any of the adults bringing up the reason that we have a lawyer eating breakfast with us. "Okay, well I'll go back to my room so you can continue to discuss me. Phil will be here soon, you know where to send him." I roll my eyes when no one tries to stop me.  Why are they being so damn secretive?

As soon as I round the corner, I hear them start talking again. Unbelievable.

I lay down and put my earphones in, drowning out the world around me. I didn't hear Phil come in, obviously, so when he climbs on the bed next to me, it scares the living shit out of me.

"Philip, God damn. Announce your presence next time." I laugh and wrap my arms around him. His warmth engulfs my body, I hadn't even realized that I was cold. 

"They were yelling again." He mumbles sadly.  He scoots closer to me and lays his head on my chest. "It seems like all they do is yell." I ignore the pain that he caused in my ribs, and kiss the top of his head.

"I'm sorry Phil, I wish I could do something."

"Just you being here is enough for me." he looks up at me, tears falling down his face. "I really thought you were dead." he says no louder than a whisper.

"Please stop crying Phil. I'm here, I'm not leaving you. I promise." I lift his face and kiss his lips softly. "I'm alive, and you're gonna have to deal with my shit for a bit longer." He chuckles softly, and buries his head in my neck, kissing it sloppily.

"Keep doing that please." I practically moan.

"You're a little broken right now, Dan. I don't think that's a great idea.

"Yea well we've all established that I'm full of awful ideas. Please Phil." Any other day I would hate myself for sounding so whiny and desperate. But today I needed Phil's touch like I needed oxygen.

"Okay.... But the second I think that you're in pain I'm stopping, and we're going to continue watching Psych."

"Shut up and kiss me." I put my hand behind his neck and bring his lips to mine. I can practically taste the urgency as Phil slips his tongue in my mouth, claiming dominance. I run my hands up his shirt, feeling him shiver. He straddles my hips, careful to avoid the stitches in my side. "Phil, stop holding back. I'm not a porcelain doll."

"Shut up Dan."

I sit up and lean against my head board to make it easier for Phil. Almost instantly Phil's lips are back on my neck, and his hot breath makes me more needy. I keep my mouth shut, and enjoy as his hasty kisses and nibbles. "Dan can I..." Phil starts, his hand hovering over my hard on. I nod slightly, and grab his hand, putting it on my bulge. He licks his lips, not sure what to do.

Just his warm hand palming me was enough to send a moan out of my lips. He smirks, realizing just how much he affects me. "Dan are you sure?" Phil asks, his hands tugging at my sweatpants. I bite my lip as he pulls them down to my knees. His eyes haven't left mine, even as he kisses my tip, making me shiver with anticipation.

"Phil, please just.." My words turn into a low moan as he puts my dick in his warm mouth. My fingers curl around his hair as he bobs up and down. I taste blood, realizing that I'm biting on my lip to avoid screaming. "fuck, fuck." I'm panting his name and a lot of other profanities as he continues to slowly suck me off. I buck my hips accidentally, and he gags, pulling away. "Fuck, I-I'm sorry Phil."

"Shhh"  This time it's his hand wrapping around my length, he starts pumping slowly, watching my reaction. "You're so beautiful Dan." He sighs, gripping me tighter, earning a grunt from me.

This time I purposely start to move my hips against his hand. He speeds up slightly, and I can feel myself getting close.  "You're amazing." I moan, grabbing the headboard for support. He thumbs my tip, ultimately sending my over the edge. I can't contain myself as I scream his name repeatedly, my eyes tolling back. He doesn't stop pumping me, even after I've returned to reality. It feels amazing, and I'm still moaning his name. Phil himself moans as he kisses me slowly, and lovingly. His hands are everywhere, and he is grinding his hips in time with mine, and I can feel his own hard on. He bites my shoulder and I cry out in pleasure. I'm already hard again, but this isn't about me anymore.

"Phil take your pants off." I moan in between sloppy kisses. He shakes his head and continues to suck on my neck.

"No, I'm fine." He pants, sucking right behind my ear.

"Phil that's not fair."

"I don't care Dan. I'm fine, really." He leaned back, looking me inthe eyes. "Besides, I think you've had enough for today." He fucking giggled. He giggled before getting off the bed and heading to my bathroom.

"Philip Lester if i didn't love you so much I'd kill you right now."

He just laughed and shut the door.

Tell me what you think(((((((:

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