Chapter 1 (Intro)

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**Karma's POV**

"Bye hoe!" I heard Nagisa yell out his car window and drive off, I growled at him and got into my car. (Not sure who let Karma drive but ok.) 

We killed Koro-Sensei about a month ago, and by we I mean Nagisa. He always got to do everything, and now he gets to go to the best college. The government decided to let us go to college since we completed our task, we got the money of course too. I got into one of the best colleges, Nagisa didn't get into the one I did sadly. No one did...

I was probably going to be alone my years of college but, I'm used to it.

The drive took around an hour another 30 minutes to find where I was staying. I went up to my room or, supposedly my room, I went up and down the stairs a few time to get my bags from my car. Everyone else had someone to help them; I had nobody on the other hand. I sighed at all of the happy families sending their kids off to college, then leaving soon after that. Weirdest part of all of this, it was a normal school meaning I couldn't kill anyone. I had to restrain myself or find someone to for me. I cringed at the thought of having someone else helping me. My roommate was never there the times I went up to the dorm, I put my stuff down and pulled my phone out. 'I'll unpack later...' I found directions to the nearest cafe and started to walk there. I didn't want to be stuck in that stuffy car again. 

When I finally got to the place it was packed, there was only a few open tables. I got in line and waited around 5 minutes until I got to the counter. "Just a regular coffee please." I said and gave them the money to pay for the drink. I stood off to the side and waited for them to call my name, "Karma!" I went up there and grabbed my drink. I couldn't find a place to sit inside, so I went outside to sit. I sat down and pulled my phone out. "Hey can I sit here?" A voice said from in front of me, I looked up and saw an adorable face with orange hair staring at me smiling. "Uh- Sure.." I said and looked back down at my phone blushing. "So have you met you roommate yet?" He asked me taking a drink of his coffee. "Nope. They weren't there when I got there." I said turning my phone off and looking at him. "Same.. Did you bring a car?" He asked looking around the parking lot. I shook my head, "No I didn't want to be stuck in it again." I stated he nodded and stood up. "Can I walk you back?" He asked holding his arm out, I nodded and took his arm. He smiled at me and pulled his arm away.

We had a friendly conversation, while we were walking back to the dorm halls. "Which one do you live in?" He asked I pointed to one of them that was in between two other ones. "Oh. I live in that one too," He stated and started walking towards it. "Really?" I asked and threw my coffee in a trash can. "Yeah..' He said as we walked through the front doors. "Well thanks for walking me.." I said as we reached the top of the stairs "No problem." He said and walked down the hallway my room was down. "Which one is yours?" I asked he pointed to my dorm room. He must be lying. To think I trusted someone? "Thats mine..." I said as he turned to me with a pale face. "Karma?...." I felt the color drain out of my face. "Asano?!?" 

And thats where the worst/best years of my life started.

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