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The girl looked at me, "Hi Sang, pretty name. I'm Clementine," her smiled widened and she hugged me happily.

As she pulled away I got a better look at her. She had black hair that fell just past her shoulders and perfect make up. Her face was open and warm with a touch of mischief.

"Don't worry you get used to the madness. How far along are you?" her question was nothing but cheerfulness and curiosity.

I smiled, finally someone normal and easy. I'm sure we can be pretty great friends if she's around here all the time.

"Uh, as far as I know it's about seven months or so."

Someone choked. Clementine and I turned to look over at the group of guys, and beside me she laughed.

"What's wrong with you goofs?" she looked at me again and patted my shoulder, "Don't worry I'm on your side."

I smiled despite myself, feeling extremely uncomfortable under the scrutiny that all of the males in the room were displaying. I decided to make light of it instead of letting it get to me.

"Well at least you know how to introduce yourself."

Clementine laughed and did a spin to face the guys, "You all are terrible, not introducing yourselves to the guest!" she looked at me, "Now don't be afraid to ask them what their names are if you forget, it's kind of a big group to get to know, but it's worth it. Knowing them has been such a gift for me," She said, practically glowing with happiness.

I glanced over at the guys, North wasn't looking at me, and some of them were smiling slightly at Clementine in an adoring manner, the rest well.. the rest were staring at me in mixtures of shock, disbelief, and something else...

"...anyways from right to left it goes Luke, North, Kota, Victor, Silas, Sean, who by the way is a doctor already, isn't that neat? Where were we, oh right, Gabriel, he's my favorite but don't tell the other's I think they'll be hurt," she teased and winked at them all. I couldn't help the blush that lit up some of their cheeks as they glanced at me nervously, "that red-head is Nathan, and then Mr. Blackbourne is always so formal but his actual name is Owen."

I couldn't keep back the feeling of deja vu, which is crazy. Maybe I knew someone from before who shared a name with one of them. My train of thought hit a complete halt when I set my eyes on Mr. Blackbourne. At first I didn't make the connection because there were just so many people to remember, but then it clicked.

"You're not a balding cat man who makes chicken in the microwave and has a wind chime collection, good to know."

The words were out of my mouth before I caught up with how rude they were- which was extremely unlike me as he hadn't really done a single thing to deserve my rudeness. Mr. Blackbourne looked surprised, his grey eyes were borderline silver, and his glasses only brought home the sophisticated and well put together look that his suit and tie introduced.

I glanced around, feeling my cheeks heat up as I noticed everyone was fairly well dressed.

Someone cleared their throats, I looked around to find the source. It was the one Clementine had claimed was her favorite,... Gabriel. He was trying desperately not to burst into laughter at my words, and it was a second more before he completely failed.

His laughter brought a little bit of ease back into the group's posture and I watched Clementine saunter over to Gabriel and swat his arm, though she was trying not to laugh as well.

"Hey now, don't laugh at her, I'm sure she's been through one hell of a day to be placed under the protection of you guys, plus now look at her. She's with child and standing there and none of you so called gentlemen have offered her a seat," Clementine paused and looked at me, "I swear I trained them better than this."

One of the other boys pushed up his glasses, I think his name was Kota.

"Sorry, would you like a seat?" he gestured to a stool, and then looked at it, "or there's bean bags, or I mean, there's also the couch, if that would be a better spot?"

"Thanks," I tilted my head and gave him my warmest smile, pushing away all of the unease and confusion.

Kota paused and pulled his head back, his mouth fell open slightly and I could have sworn he was tearing up. What the hell? He straightened after a second the tears seemed to retreat. I watched his eyes sweep down and look at my shoes with a frown.

I brushed it off and walked over to the couch, sitting on the end and feeling out of place.

"Well, are you hungry Sang?" A cheerful voice broke the silence, and then he nudged one of the ones next to him. I watched Mr. Blackbourne recover from the shock I'd caused and he sent a silent, unreadable message to the others that they seemed to dislike but follow.

Then everything was as if they hadn't been staring at me like an artifact found after years of research and expeditions. The one with the longer blonde hair walked over and sat down next to me, he looked hesitant but then I watched as he painted an expression on his own face and grinned at me.

"You must be starving, North doesn't let anyone eat in his Jeep."

I frowned, "He let me.. and then it got all over the floor..." I looked away from Luke, missing his shocked expression entirely as I focused on North, "I'll clean up the milkshake mess I promise."

He closed his eyes slightly as if resigning to his fate.

"No Sang, it's okay I've got it, I've been meaning to get it cleaned for a while."

Gabriel looked at him, "Oy didn't you just fucking get it cleaned this morning?"

North shot him a glare and Mr. Blackbourne- Owen, cut them both off, "Miss Sorenson, I believe Doctor Roberts sent a letter with you with an explanation of how to best handle your security detail?" his voice was so cool and collected, distant from the entire room.

Maybe he needed a cat.

"Yeah, but it doesn't say anything helpful."

A raised eyebrow, "You read it?"

I shrugged and passed it to Luke, who'd recovered from shock and passed it to Owen. Luke turned back to me, "You got the health monster to buy you a milkshake? What kind?"

"Chocolate," I smiled happily, though still felt bad about the mess.

Luke grinned deviously, "Oh pretty girl, we're keeping you around. Who else can get North to eat in the car, have liquid chocolate, and still not get in trouble?"

"Oy don't fucking encourage her, she is Trouble." Gabriel hollered it from across the room and I felt the oxygen get cut off from myself and nearly everyone else.

The only one unaffected was Clementine who rolled her eyes and kissed Gabriel's cheek, "Be good, I'm going to go ready the guest room for her." 

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