1- Seeing You Again

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it had been two years since you and Owen were dating, you broke up with him after he kissed Claire on your date, you were fuming and left him in the dark, he played you like a grand piano and you had lots of time to get over it, you currently lived wit lowery and your (sibling, if you have one good, if not, now you do) they were dating as you heard a motor bike out side...

Your POV

I was cutting up vegetables in the kitchen as the purr of an engine could be heard from out side the house, I sighed with frustration as I stick the knife in the chopping board hard and walk towards the front door as I open it to see Owen with a bouquet of flowers and nervous as hell...I miss this.

"err....h-hi (Y/N), you o-ok?" stuttering ,I really miss this.

"what do you want?" I was quick and firm.

"I err, have a request?"

"what is that?"

"I want you to come with me to isla garnt"

"*sigh* come in...we can talk more in here"

he had a huge grin plastered on his face, he slowly enters my house and sits on the couch.

"ill make tea.." I say as I walk into the kitchen and lean on the side...what am I doing....

sorry its extremely short but its only the beginning

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