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Pen Your Pride

So a little short and a little late, but I finally did it... so here it is and I hope you all enjoy it!


I had no idea where Lilith was taking me, not that it really mattered we seemed to be drifting at a leisurely pace but arriving at places that would’ve taken hours when regularly walking. I stayed by her side as she described where we were. We couldn’t go to Hell because we weren’t exactly demons, and we couldn’t go to Heaven because we weren’t mortals and it wasn’t for us ‘Amazons’. So we were stuck in between with no where to go and me cursing Mother for not creating a place for us to go to. I guess she’d never thought any of us would die.

   But here we were, Lilith and I, stuck wandering around like ghosts doing whatever mission Lilith had heard of, although she’d never gotten around to telling me. I had followed Castiel at first, watching him carry back my limp body, drained of all it’s blood. It had looked really gross and I left after that, it was just so weird seeing yourself all pale, limp and oddly rubbery. I went back to Lilith who knew exactly why I had gone back and understood when I began crying.

   “Where are we going?” I asked her again, I had lost count how many times I had asked her this question. She gave me the same sly smile and just kept on walking. I paused beside a river and looked in it. Little fish were swimming around blissfully and children were splashing along the shore.

   “Why does it matter?” she questioned and I was surprised that this time she actually kept on the subject.

   “Because I kind of want to have a purpose you know, now that I’m dead and all,” I told her.

   “But that’s just it, you’re dead, gone, not in the land of the living anymore,” she stated. “So why do you keep wanting to act like it?”

   “I don’t want to act like I’m still alive, I just want a purpose,” I explained and she wrapped an arm around me.

   “You want to know where we’re going?” she asked me and I nodded. “We’re going no where. There’s no where left for us to go. We don’t have a purpose anymore because we’ve served it and that’s that.”

   “Can’t we have another one?”

   “No,” she told me seriously. “We. Are. Dead. Alright?”

   “Stop being so negative,” I said and she threw up her hands in frustration. “We’re not dead we’re just stuck in… well… wherever the heck we are. But that doesn’t mean we should just give up when there might be the remotest possibility to get another body.”

   She began walking away from me. “Diana, we’re not getting another body because one, Mother would never give us another after we rebelled and two, if you hadn’t noticed,” she bent over to a young woman sitting on a park bench. “NO ONE CAN HEAR US!” she yelled right into the person’s ear, who didn’t react at all, but just kept texting. I sighed.

   “Fine,” I said. “Maybe the mortals can’t hear us… but what about a person who is also immortal like us?”

   “Yeah, because they’re really going to listen to us,” she said with a snort and just continued walking down the path.

   I stood up straighter to gather my bearings and than took a step toward home.

   “Where are you going?” Lilith questioned and I ignored just kept walking down the path. She gave a huge breath of irritation. “C’mon Di, what’s Arty going to do? She’s not exactly in Mother’s good books either.”

   “Ahh, but she’ll do fine,” I whispered. “At least than maybe someone will do something about our situation.”

   “Fine, I give up arguing with you, because you never learn,” she stated.

   “Apparently neither do you,” I shot back. “You will never learn that there are alternatives.”

   “I’m coming with you then,” she said jogging to catch up with me.

   “Wow, you changed your mind very quickly,” I said.

   “Well, I decided that I wouldn’t mind taking all the chances that I get to get another body,” she declared wrapping an arm around my shoulders and giving me a side hug. It felt strained an awkward, but I let her anyways.

   “Alright,” I said. “To Arty we go in hopes of a new body!” Lilith gave a laugh and held me tighter; I relaxed as I felt her feel less strained. I couldn’t complain much; at least I still had a companion that I had been close to.

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