Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Kitten stepped out of the plane, her mind lingering on the mysterious jet. What was it doing? Flying that close to a plane... Kitten shuddered, realizing that the wingtips were nearly touching. Any closer and there could have been damage! She shook her head. So careless.

Looking around, she caught up with Seth. "That jet was so cool! Did you see that barrel roll? What do you think, Kit?"

"Yeah, it was cool. But it was also very close." She replied, still a bit unnerved. Something about the display just didn't sit well with her.

"Aww, c'mon. Stop bein' so negative! Jeez, lighten' up, will you?" he said, poking her cheek. She death glared at him.

"Poke me again and you'll lose a finger." He grinned like a Cheshire Cat, proceeding to poke her again. Growling, she snapped at his finger. If not for the fact that they were in public, the poking would have escalated into a play fight. People gave the two amused glances.

Eventually, Kitten pulled away. The two caught up with the rest of their family, who were making their way to the luggage pick up. As they walked, they noticed a few people staring at Kitten. Unnerved, Kitten clung to Seth's arm. Her older brother growled at a few people who looked to long and put a protective arm around her.  After the display of protection from the red head, most turned away. "Seth? Why are they staring?" Kitten whispered.

"Don't know, but I don't like it. Stay close." He whispered back, glaring at a few strangers. They finally came over to their parents, who had noticed the odd looks as well.

"Do you to have something on your backs?" Dennis, Kitten's father asked.

"Aside from my day pack? No." Kitten stated. Speaking of which... She reached over to grab the day pack. As she pulled the pack over her shoulder, she noticed some odd silver thing in her hood. She grabbed it, only to see a silver phone. She arched an eyebrow at it. "When did that get there?"

Shacking her head, she put it in her pocket before unzipping her pack and fishing out her Sprite. She eagerly drank it. After they had grabbed the last suit case, they made their way outside. "Uh, dear? We don't have a car. How are we going to get there?" Beverly asked, turning to her husband.

"I...Did not think about that..."He muttered, looking down at the ground.

"Dad!" Kitten exclaimed exasperatedly. Seth groaned and Beverly whined about the heat.

"I'm sorry! So I didn't think that far a head, it's not like I don't do that everyday? I mean, remember Seth's eighth birthday when-" Dennis began.

"Dad! Not in public!" Seth cried, blushing as he remembered the fail.

"Mom, didn't you say you had friend here? June something? The nurse?" Kitten recalled, saving her brother.

Beverly thought for a moment before her face lit up. "Oh! That's right! June Darby! I think she could come pick us up!" She hurriedly grabbed her phone to dial her old friends number.


The wait was long and hot. Kitten and her brothers shared what little cool breeze they could get from the small hand held fan. Finally, Seth took over the fan, allowing Kitten access to both her hands. First things first.

Kitten pulled out the mysterious silver cell phone. She turned it on. To her surprise, it held all her contacts her old phone had. How bizarre... She opened the text window. Nothing. All of my contacts but no text? What... In the heck?  Shaking her head, she closed it and put it away.

Just as she was about to pull out her IPod, a small sea foam green car pulled up. Out stepped a young looking woman with shiny black hair and emerald eyes. She had her hair put up into a ponytail and had the usual nurses scrubs. She smiled as she ran to hug Beverly.

"You haven't changed a bit, Beverly!" June laughed.

"Neither have you!" Beverly responded.

"Let me guess. Denny forgot to think all the way, right?" June laughed as Bev shook her head vigorously. She laughed again before gesturing to her car. Relieved, the group got into her car,  somewhat squashed together. Kitten and Seth took the back seat, leaving room for the others up front.

As they started off, Kitten felt a vibration. Confused, Kitten stuck her hand in her pocket, feeling around. Realizing that it was the phone, she pulled it out, flipping it open. Someone had texted her.

From:Unknown Number

To: Kitten Macenera

Unknown Number: Hello, Kitten.

Kitten's eyes widened as she stared at the phone. It vibrated again as another message popped up.

From: Unknown Number

To: Kitten Macanera

Unknown number: Do you have any Energon? I'm starving!

Kitten shook her head, very confused. Deciding to risk it, she responded.

From: Kitten Macanera

To: Unknown Number

  Kitten: Who are you? And what's Energon?


Unknown Number: You'll find out soon. I look forward to meeting you. Buh bye :)!

The unknown number didn't say anything else, leaving Kitten even more confused. What was going on?

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