Chapter Eighty Nine

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"A Hungarian Horntail, a Swedish Short-Snout, a Chinese Fireball and a Common Welsh Green." Charlie told Magnus of his selections after eventually getting Anora to cooperate after a long night of convincing.

"That's quite a selection you got there, Charles." Magnus smiled.

"Well, I was originally going to just pick all Common Welsh Greens, but Anora of course, had to add her opinion-"

He looked over to her as she stood with a bright grin on her face.

"She said we should spice things up with variety."

"Well, I certainly feel for the poor soul that draws the Hungarian Horntail." Magnus said scratching the top of his head.

"I don't." Anora said. "I feel bad for the dragons, they are going to be so pissed off during transport."

Camouflaging multiple dragons, including two spare dragons in case there were any problems and they needed a replacement, was going to be a challenge even with magic.

The dragons would be caged which would lead to some extreme ill tempers over the next couple of days as they made their way to the school grounds.

But a bigger problem lied for Charlie and Anora.

They had to convince Roscoe and Norberta that they weren't going.

"We're going to be back right after the first task is over." Anora told Roscoe as if he was listening. "You'll survive a couple of weeks without me, you and Norberta will look after each other, right?"

Roscoe blew smoke in her face causing her to cough.

"Bitch move, Roscoe." she said with a gagging noise. "Don't try to pretend you don't like her now, I see that you two have been evening time snuggle buddies."

He brushed her back with his head.

"Alright, alright." she said stumbling back. "I was only teasing. But like I said, you'll be fine without Charlie and I. I told Sebastian to watch over you guys while we're gone."

Roscoe let out a groan and rolled onto his side dramatically.

"You are such a drama dragon." she said with an eye roll.

"How's he taking the news?" Charlie asked her walking over as he arrived.

Anora held her arm out and pointed.

"How do you think he's taking it?"

"Yeah, Norberta didn't take it any better," he said lifting up his scratched arm.

"Dammit, Norberta."

Roscoe whipped his tail back and forth.

"I've had just enough attitude out of you, Sir." Anora told him.

Charlie chuckled in amusement, watching Anora scold the dragon as if it were her own child.

She looked back and caught him grinning at her.


"Nothing." he said kicking at the dirt.

"No, what is it? Tell me." she said nearing him.

"I just think you're going to make a wicked cute mother one day."


"Oh don't freak out," he laughed at her expression. "It's true. If you can handle dragons you'll have no problem handling kids."

Anora gave him a faint smile, still weary at the idea of children.

"It's okay." he said kissing her forehead. "You don't have to worry about it anytime soon. If you don't want kids, I'm okay with that too. I don't mind raising our scaled children with you."

She laughed."Our scaled children. You're going to have to tell your mother that one."

"Oh no, if I even happen to mention children to her she would be expecting grandchildren the next day, but that's after a huge wedding and such."

Anora snorted. "When do you plan on telling your family that we're even together? They still aren't aware, remember?"

"When you do plan on telling your parents?"

Anora grinned. "When the time is right, I suppose. Goodness, they're all going to end up going crazy."

"The longer we wait the crazier they'll be."

The two stood in silence thinking of their parents' reaction.

"Let's just get through the tournament first?" she said to him.


"Okay," Sebastian said showing up with with several wrapped packages of meat. "All of these are packed with enough stuff to knock them out long enough to get them settled in their cages."

He handed the packages to Charlie and Anora and looked out to where Magnus was standing before the Swedish Short-Snout.

"What in the world is he doing?"

"Magnus is trying to hypnotize the dragons so that we wouldn't have to sedate them." Anora said.

"Oh yeah, and how is that working?"

"Well," Charlie began watching as the dragon tried to bite Magnus and nearly grabbed his robes," this is about the seventh time she's done that in the last five minutes, so I think it's safe to say it's not working."

"But it's pretty entertaining." Anora said. "I can't wait until he tries this on Birdie."

"Which one is Birdie?"

"The Hungarian Horntail."

"So what do they plan on doing with the dragons anyways?"

"They wanted all females," Charlie explained," that are still in the nesting/ hatchling stage. They are going to place an egg in the arena, and the contenders have to retrieve the egg while our girls here guard them."

"So, they're basically sending them to their early death?" Sebastian shook his head.

"The price of eternal glory." Anora shrugged. "Although, I can't help but wonder if this is the first task and each one is supposed to get harder and harder, what do the others involve?"

"Who knows," Sebastian said, " maybe the final task will be that they have to fight you, Anora."

Charlie and Sebastian along with several workers who stood close by, snorted in laughter.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

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