Legend 15: Insert the Blue Dragon!

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Akio, big brother, I'm actually really scared. I wanted to do my best even without you by my side like you always are, but I keep looking for you because I'm so scared. I don't want to lose, but I'm so weak. Big brother, please, help me!

Y/N blinked a few times, at first seeing only black, then blurry figures, and finally-
"Yoon?" She muttered weakly.
"Are you alright?" Yoon asked, sighing with relief.
"Y-yeah." Y/N shakily nodded, folding her wings and allowing them to be able to see what was now going on.
"It's no good, the exit's blocked!"
"It can't be!"
"Are we going to die?!"
"We're trapped..." Y/N glanced beside her, eyes widening in surprise as she saw the fear on her best friend's face.
"Yoon." She placed her hand gently on his shoulder.
"We'll run out of air in a confined place like this!" Yoon exclaimed.
"I don't want to die! Help!" A villager shouted, banging on the rock wall that had once been an open hallway.
Oh no...We'll...I'm scared, Akio!
"Why do I have to be told that from you?!" Y/N blinked, and then turned to see Kija and Yona, causing her to sigh slightly in relief that they were both alright.
"Kija?" Yona questioned in confusion.
"I-I am sorry." Kija blushed in embarrasement.  "Just now, for some reason, that rude Beast said 'Please' to me in my head, making me very angry..." Y/N grinned slightly, knowing that when he said 'Beast' he was referring to Hak.
"It is my job to protect the princess." Kija then stated.
"That gave me energy, somehow." Yona said, as Y/N smiled and nodded in agreement.
"Don't worry, Yoon, help's on the way." Y/N assured.
"Yeah..." The younger male muttered, hesitantly agreeing.
"We do not need help. As long as I am here, there is no need to worry!" Kija exclaimed, unwrapping his clawed hand.
"K-Kija, what are you going to do with your claws out?" Yoon stuttered.
"Dig!" He exclaimed.
"Monster!" Y/N growled and glared at the villagers that were all staring at them in horror.
"Quiet. How pathetic the protectors of the Blue Dragon's village act. I told you, I am the White Dragon." Kija said, just as annoyed as Y/N was with these guys.
"W-White Dragon. " One of the villagers stuttered.
"There really are other Dragons with cursed powers besides the Blue Dragon?!"
"Ahhh! I've had enough! It's him...It's his fault! It's because of him tht we're living in a hole! Let us out! Please!" The one villager, who got punched by Kija from earlier, shouted.
"Why? Why is the Blue Dragon's power a curse?!" Y/N questioned angrily.
"You do not know of his evilness." The same villager said.
"He is not evil-"
"What would an outsider know?!" Y/N was cut off by the villager.
"The monster with the Dragon's eyes is always born from our clan, and we live in fear of the Blue Dragon's power! Even after its death, someone else's child becomes the Blue Dragon, and we are constantly afraid of our own child becoming the next Blue Dragon! We cannot let the outside world know that we have such a curse." Y/N frowned as she and the others listened.
"Right after the Blue Dragon is born, we put a mask on him and don't let him out much. That is the rule. But the Blue Dragon used that dreaful cursed power to kill a bunch of soldiers. He was still very young at that time. Fearing that they would send troops here again, we moved to this place. I can't take this anymore! If this isn't a curse, what is?!"
"He's here." Kija whispered.
Y/N and Yona turned to see the Blue Dragon walk out of the doorway that they had come from just moments before.
"Blue Dragon!" The villager who told them what had happened stuttered, backing up as the Blue Dragon came in his direction.
"I-I wasn't t-talking to the outsiders." He stuttered out, causing Y/N to silently scoff.
"Stop!" Time seemed to pause as the villager smacked the Blue Dragon, causing the mask to fly off.
His eyes... Y/N's own silver orbs widened as she looked at the male's golden eyes. ...they're so pretty.
Y/N and the others then watched in confusion as the villagers began to freak out.
"What's wrong?" Yoon asked.
"You turn into stone if you look at those eyes!" The same villager from before shouted.
"Stone?!" The four glanced at each other unsure.
"H-He came out to kill us all."
"The Blue Dragon saved me. He won't kill anybody without a reason." Yona stated.
Everyone was then surprised as they watched the Blue Dragon close his eyes and pick up his mask, before putting it back on.
"What do you want, Blue Dragon? You have no intention of coming with us, correct?" Kija harshly questioned.
Everyone watched in silence as the Blue Dragon picked up an axe and walked towards Kija, before holding it up and bringing it down...right into the stone wall beside Kija.
"You...! If you came to help us escape, why didn't you just say so?! I was in despair, thinking we Dragons would have to fight amongst ourselves!" Kija shouted, obviously embarrassed.
"Wait, why are you digging here? The exit is over there." Kija then asked, confused.
"This...leads out. It's quicker to dig here..." The Blue Dragon informed.
"You should have mentioned that sooner!" Y/N exclaimed happily.
"Princess, I will start digging now, so please wait." Kija told Yona.
"I'll dig too." Yona said, then took one of the daggers from one of the villagers. "Let me borrow that." She said, before walking towards the stone wall.
"You must not. It is we, the Dragons, who have a duty to protect you." Kija told her.
"Let me...Let me help as well! Lets get out of this place quickly!" Yona exclaimed.
"Hai!" Kija smiled.
"You guys start digging too, if you want to live." Yoon said, secretly taking another one of the daggers, causing two of the villagers to look confused.
"Very well then, I'll start over here." Y/N grinned, unfolding her wings and walking to a more vacant part of the wall and beginning to slash at the wall with the steel like appendages.
Akio...Big brother, are you OK? I promise I'll return!

Akio and Hak were attacking the barrier that seperated them from the others, only to stop when Hak suddenly turned around, pointing the end of his weapon at the group of villagers.
"What?" Hak coldly asked.
"M-my son is trapped on the other side." A woman said, gripping on the front of her outfit.
Akio's expression softened slightly as he saw the concerned expressions that were on the villager's faces. "My sister and our comrades went to look for the Blue Dragon and got trapped." Akio told them.
The two males then saw two of the elders whisper to eachother.
"You're saying your family's around there, too? Answer me. There's no point in hiding it now." Hak stated.
"What is it? Tell me what you know. My comrades' lives are on the line." Akio declared.
"Now. I'm sorry, but I'm desperate enough to do anything." Hak glared at them.

--Back to Y/N--
Y/N wiped some sweat from her forehead as she stared at the stone wall, which didn't look like it was any better than it was before. Causing her to sigh.
"Blue...Dragon..." Y/N quickly turned to see that Yona looked really pale and sickly, causing her to frown.
"Are you OK?!" Yoon questioned the red haired princess, who had been caught by the Blue Dragon when she collapsed.
"Yes." Yona nodded.
"Blue Dragon, take the princess to your room. There should be more air in there." Y/N instructed the male, who nodded in reply.
"I'm fine." Yona insisted as the Blue Dragon picked her up and carried her out.

____Quick Time Skip___
"How much longer?" Y/N sighed, before noticing Yona come up beside her.
"Princess! Please rest." Kija insisted.
Yona shook her head. "I'm fine." She said, causing Y/N to smile.
"Are you okay?" Yoon asked her.
"I'm ok." Y/N smiled at her friend and nodded.
Just as Y/N was about to strike the wall again, the Blue Dragon had pulled her back just in time as the wall began to crumble.
"Y/N! Princess!"
"Akio!?" Y/N eyes widened, before they filled with tears as she smiled and tackled her brother into a hug.

____Quick Time Skip___
"By the way, just how did you know where to dig?" Y/N questioned as Akio placed her cloak back onto her shorter body.
"I got it out of the villagers. They only revealed their secret when their family members' lives were at stake." Hak told her with a shrug of his shoulders.
"I'm glad they weren't people who'd abandon their familiar." Yona smiled.
"It's human nature to let fear get the best of us, too." Yoon spoke up.
"Right? Who would've thought the handsome boy would be afraid of tiny places."
"O-oi! Y/N!" Y/N laughed as she ran away from Yoon, who chased after her in his angry fit, the two only stopping when Hak spoke up once again.
"So, what are we gonna do about him, Princess?" The ex-general asked.
"So here's the problem. I can't give up." Yona state with a determined expression, causing the group to smile.
"Blue Dragon!" The Blue Dragon glanced at Yona as she rushed up to him. "I'll ask again. Let's go together. I want to take you with us." She said.
"I..." The blue haired male seemed to hesitate.
"You don't have to close your eyes infront of me." Yona said. "Does your power really kill people indiscriminately? Even when Ao is so attached to you? Ao knows that you're not destruction." She smiled.
Hesitantly, the Blue Dragon shook the red haired female's hand.
"Alright, shall we go?" Y/N questioned, linking her arm with Akio's.
"Yeah." Yona smiled and nodded. "Thank you for everything!" She then said, waving to the villagers, before the group began to walk away.
"I could feel you were scared, Y/N." Akio teased as he poked his twin's cheek, causing her to puff out her cheeks in a pout.
"I have no idea what you're talking about." She stated.
"Oh really?" Akio grinned.
"Ugh, fine! You win, I was just scared that you'd end up killing someone in your frenzy of trying to save your sweet princess in distress~"
"Y-Y/N!" Akio stuttered, blushing in embarrassement as Y/N began to laugh, before turning to see that the Blue Dragon had stopped walking.
She smiled and hugged her brother, before rushing over to where the masked male was.
"Come on, Blue Dragon, we don't want to loose you within your first few minutes of freedom~" She said, grabbing onto the male's hand and looking up at him.
"Right." The Blue Dragon nodded, smiling slightly as he allowed the female to pull him towards the rest of the group.
Would he laugh at me if I told him that I am friends with someone who is just like me?  He thought with a smile as the Blue Dragon remembered how the female's silver wings sparkled as the wall collapsed and the sun shined on them.

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