Memories and Passion

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-----------Chapter 2 ------------

Waking up Naruto and Hinata got ready to continue their long journey around the ninja world as they were greeted goodbye by Gaara and his family wishing them all the best in this mission . Soon after Naruto and Hinata exited the village gates .

"Where do you want to go next , Hinata-chan?" Asked Naruto wanting to let her decide.
"How about a more refreshing village than this dry one we were in ?" Said Hinata as she leaned on Naruto's side .
"What do you have in your beautiful mind Hinata-chan?" Said Naruto as Hinata blushed a little still not being used to being complimented by Naruto .
"I was thinking about the Mist village . Plus I have never been on the bridge they named after you ." Said Hinata as Naruto turned to look at her .
"Really . You havn't seen it . How come ? I am sure you had at least a mission in the Mist village ." Said Naruto .
"Truth is Naruto that on the missions we usually had there , we travelled there with boats and didn't get to walk on it. So what do you say ?" Said Hinata as she looked at him for an answer .
"Your wish is my command ,Hinata-chan . To the Mist village ."said Naruto as they intervined their finger and walked together until they passed the dessert around Suna and now were walking on cooler parts of the forest .

As they were walking on the forest they came across a waterfall and thought that it was enough walking for today and decided to camp there . Starting a camp fire and setting up the tent , Naruto and Hinata now sat down by the fire as they ate some snacks they had with themselves and now were watching the stars above them . Being as happy as they could be , Naruto grabbed Hinata putting her on top of his lap as he cupped her face with his hands and kissed her on the lips . Hinata returned the kiss to him as she put her arms around his neck and her hands keeping his head close to hers , not wanting to lose any second from this wonderful moment they were having . They continued kissing until Hinata got up and earned a groan from Naruto . Grabbing his hand she pulled him towards where the waterfall was as they stopped on the shore of it and watched the water flow in front of them as it glowed from the moon's light . Moving on top of the water in front of Naruto , Hinata said .

"Naruto-kun . Do you remember the mission on when we went on to find the ant for tracking Sasuke?" Said Hinata as she earned a sad nod from Naruto since he blew off that mission . "On that mission you said that you saw something on a waterfall , right ?" Said Hinata once again and yet Naruto just nodded not getting where she was going with it .

Walking in the middle of the small lake that the waterfall had created there , Hinata took a stance for a moment then to Naruto's surprise , she lightly started dancing on the water moving her arms and legs as if she was floating in the sky and with every move of her arms , water rose from from the surface and came over her head from side to side in curves as when the water came over her head it splashed wetting her hair and her clothes . She continued to make her dance moves in perfect harmony as on the edge of the lake , Naruto was left with his mouth opened and his brain was overloading . Before his eyes was the same angel the thought was only in his dream. Not bearing with it anymore he started walking on top of the water making his way to Hinata . As he reached her she stopped her dancing and looked at him with a blush and a smile on his face .

"I always thought it was an angel what I saw on that mission and nobody believed me . Now I know that that angel is real and I have it in front of my eyes . My beautiful cute little angel ." Said Naruto as he embraced her in his arms and locked his lips with hers kissing her in a more passionate way that they had ever shared a kiss . Pulling her closer to himself he felt her wet clothes touching him as her clothes were drenched in water and had stuck to her womanly figure . Breaking the kiss and taking a look at the beauty in front of him . Looking at her upper body he could clearly see he bra outline at her shirt and her chest as lower her clothes were stuck to her body and shower her thin and well formed waist and her thick hips and thighs and then her toned legs .

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