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Pen Your Pride

Jamie hummed softly to herself in the shower. The warm water relaxed her tensed body, loosening all the knots and twists. Ever since she had first noticed the baby bump, she had begun to change.

Her upper back hurt all the time. Whether it was because of the way she slept or how her breasts were growing, she didn't know but she hated it regardless. A petite girl like herself looked odd a C-cup. Her waist and thighs had thickened. Not in 'fat' way, but the way that showed she was pregnant.

And good god her feet and ankles. They were swollen as hell. She couldn't get into half of her shoes anymore! Now how was she supposed to accessorize properly!?

A sigh left her lips when she turned the shower off. This wasn't exatly what she had signed up for. Gaining weight, mood swings and a horrid appetite were not her thing. But she was doing it for Louis and Zayn, not the money. Oh yes, they had offered her a load of cash but she had turned it down.

Towel wound around herself, she stepped out of the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. Jamie could have cried had she not had to go pee so bad. Shuffling to the bathroom, she sighe. The little bugger was constantly pushing against her bladder. It was the reason she was always on the toilet!

"I'm ready to get this thing out..", she grumbled as she pulled on a matching set of bra and panties. They were white. After dragging on a tank top and the only skinny jeans she could wear, she went off downstairs. Once she hit the living room, she stopped. Her eyes fell onto a peculiar sight.

Ignoring the sound of the Big Bang Theory theme song blaring from the tv. she saw Zayn was sprawled upside down on the couch. His legs stuck up over the back in the most unnatural way and his arms dangled over the edge. Across from him in the chair, Louis laid. It was reclined back as far as it would go, but Louis hadn't just laid in it. It looked like he had straddled the foot rest and just fell onto his face; it was buried into the chair.

She shook her head when she turned to see Harry on the love seat with Niall. They were the only ones that looked halfway decent. Harry was fast asleep on his belly, one arm crossed under his cheek and the other dangling off the couch. The way Niall was sleeping made it weird. He asleep on his back, but he was laying on Harry's back. The back of there heads were pressed together, but Niall's rested on Harry's lower back because he was shorter.

Empty beer bottles littered the entire floor. They were lined up on the kitchen counters and on the table, it looked like someone had started a pyramid. "What did I miss?", she asked herself quietly. Since getting pregnant, she had gotten tired earlier and always crashed by nine-thirty. The guys must have been there all night, she assumed.

"I always miss the fun..", Jamie sighed. But even if she had been awake, Louis wouldn't have let her have a sip. They had already had that 'talk'. As she walked around and picked bottles up, she found that each one she touched was completely empty.

She could have laughed had it not been for the giggle that caught her attention. Turning back towards the furniture, she saw the top of a brown head pop up over the back of the chair.

"Jaymeee!" Louis looked at the woman across the room and giggled. "You.. You missed one-...." A hiccup interrupted him. "Helluva part-ty last night!" He squirmed his way down from the chair and stumbled past the couch. Tripping over bottles, he caught himself on Jamie's shoulder. "You... You... You shoulda came..! We only drank a little..!"

"Really?", she scoffed and looked around. Judging from the amount of bottles just on the floor, they had all had more than 'a little'.

"Righto!" Louis held onto her shoulder. "We had to celebrate the engagement of HAROLD AND NIALLER!"

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