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I know you guys hate me for not updating a lot, but school... enough said.  A big thanks to  inevitxble for the amazing cover. What do you guys think of it? and do me a solid and vote and comment please for a quicker update,

 What do you guys think of it? and do me a solid and vote and comment please for a quicker update,

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You know in old cartoons when an antagonist character get all mad and shit and imaginary smoke starts coming out of its ears and it faces goes all red, and it eyebrows push fully inward to reveal a full mag character. Well now imagine that but on the face of a greek god. Now think of  a small lamb right next to this furious thing. Well that was me and Alpha Blaze, his elongated canines millimeters away from my face, how eyes were pitch black, and his hand were tightly gripping the steering wheel, the edges of his fingers white, from the blood rushing.

It was deadly quite, so quite that you could in fact here my heart against my chest, beating rapidly in fear. Hell, you could fucking hear a squirrel from outside, eating away at an acorn. I could physically imagine the 250 ways he was thinking of to brutally kill me.

Nice move Aurora!

"Umm hello? Anyone home?" I ask, knocking his forehead, as if I were knocking a door. Wrong Move.

And by now you would think that if I'm this shit at making decision in real life, then I must not even like function. Well I'm here to tell you that I do in fact even like function. Hell, I functioned myself out of that car in record time, shifting through the process. Alpha Blaze had shifted, and had let out a huge growl, showing off his long pointy canines lined with sticky drool. I would have stayed and marveled at his teeth, but his teeth were going to eat me if i didn't start moving.

Quickly I ran and all 4 legs, my hind legs galloping as fast as they could. Back at the pack we had not been only trained on speed and strength we had trained on speed and strength while using intelligence, and while currently running from the monster I thanked the lord for that skill, being able to detect where Alpha was and how close he was to me. My speed was around 100 mph, astonishing fast for a werewolf, something only a small section of alphas could top. Alpha including Blaze, and if I didn't slow the hell down he would know something was up, and with my poor capacity to lie, in no time would he know about my secret.

But if I did slow down, he would no doubt immediately catch me. So it was now up to my wit, to stop him from catching him, which was just dandy cause I have just LOADS of wit. That was sarcasm, incase you don't have to capacity for it. Slowing down to a roughly 60mph, hurt, given that I was dropping a straight 40.

Looking to my side now, not seeing just a blur of everything, I caught sight of small lake, maybe I couldn't hide somewhere there.

Focusing my attention back to where Alpha Blaze is I freaked as I realized he was exactly 300 meters away.


Raising to a 70, I sprinted towards the pond, gracefully might I add before my hind paw tripped on a fucking piece of branch. Toppling to the ground, my wolf let out a little cry as my paw throbbed. Of course it would only take 3 minutes heal but I didn't have that time, and trying to walk on it would make it take longer, so I accepted my defeat and let the stupid Alpha catch up with me.

I craned my neck when I saw the wolf charging at me, but he slowed down and started waking cautiously as soon as he saw I was hurt. His eyes looked at mine, as I couldn't help but feeling like snuggling into him and falling asleep, but that couldn't happen cause I needed to run before he punished me. Our eyes were locked for ages, as I felt my paw stopped hurting. If I got up right now, I thought, and ran, it would give me some lead right? Right. So thats exactly what I did, I ran and I ran, hearing the loudest growl erupt from behind me. Looking back ahead at the pond, I realized I did my calculations wrong and that the pond was actually a few miles away.

If I ran at a 120, which was unheard, I could do the fews miles in around 3 minutes. So I pushed and fucking pushed my speed, going faster and faster, drowning every other thing out but speed. I needed to get to the pool and intended on doing that. My mind was stuck in focus, I couldn't think of anything BUT running fast. I didn't know my exact rate but I knew it was record breaking, so I couldn't understand why I could sense Alpha Blaze close behind me, shouldn't he have fallen WAY behind? There was know way he could of run as fast as me.

Either way, I reached the pond in which I jumped, my fur soaked up all the water, weighing me down. There was no way in hell I was able to swim like this, so I shifted underwater. I treaded there my color bones, cleavage and everything above being shown. My red hair was now wet and cascaded dow my shoulders. Swimming underwater, I noticed that this water was absolutely clean, pure, and clear, something that you would find at the Bahamas.

Suddenly I hear a howl, I looked right up to see Alpha Blaze their, with pants but without a shirt, His canines were extended and eyes were black, but chest conveyed an 8 pack, with a v and solid chest, his larger and biceps were at his side.

Blaze then turned his head to see me, his eyes locking with mine. Blaze immediately dove in the pond swimming so far he finally came a foot away from me, to scared to move, I remained frozen. At the fact that Alpha fucking Blaze was a foot away from me and I was naked. If I shifted, I would drown from the weight of my wet fur and if I stayed like this he would see my naked. I couldn't have either!

"Aurora, get out!" Alpha Blaze yelled, his eyes black from fury.

I looked away mumbling a no, awkwardly digging myself further deeper into the water so he wouldn't be able to tell I was naked.

"Aurora, get the fuck out of this pool!" He yelled louder, basically bursting my eardrums.

"I can't" I said.

"Why not?" he ground, not a hint of emotion in his voice.

"Because I'm naked." I whispered, looking away


"I'm naked!" I shouted in frustration.

Looking back at his face, I noticed that his eyes weren't black from any more, the were black from mischievousness.

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