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Stepping out of his cell, Jana moved aside and leaned against the steel bars. His wrists were already cuffed and a straight jacket hugged his body like a second skin. Once Tommy had finished cuffing him with a second pair, to the metal bars, the guard stepped back and sighed.

"Jana, what happened this time?" he asked as they removed the guy he'd previously knocked out from the cell behind him.

Instead of answering the question, Jana rolled his shoulders and flicked his head to the side, trying to get his blood-red hair out of his eyes. The prison's barber had refused to see him any longer after he'd managed to snag his scissors and stab him in the hand. The idiot had cut his ear and he was just showing that it wasn't appreciated. The memory made him grin, though his attention refocused when Tommy crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes.

"He attacked me first. Look at my neck."

As he spoke, Jana tilted his head back slightly, showing just enough skin so that the mark was visible. He knew it would be there, too. The asshole had a strong grip. He'd give him that much. Too bad his mouth had no filter and he thought he was the shit. I've taken dumps with more skill than he possesses. 

Tommy wisely knew better than to lean in, and just observed the mark from where he stood. Not even the medic that remained behind once they took the other guy away dared to get closer. He stopped next to the guard and eyed the bruise, then nodded and turned his head to look at Tommy.

"I think he's telling the truth. We need to check the camera on his cell, but the other two times it clearly showed he wasn't the initial aggressor." The medic said. He didn't sound happy about it, but that wasn't Jana's problem. He'd hit the guy because he'd choked him. Sure he'd wanted to teach him a lesson when he started spewing shit from his mouth, but he knew better.

Tommy sighed, shaking his head as he stepped forward and began undoing the straps for the straight jacket. After they were all undone, Jana was uncuffed from the bars, then his wrists were freed. Extremely slowly, as to not spook the medic or guard, both of whom had taisers, Jana very carefully removed the unfastened straight jacket and let it drop to the floor.

"It's almost lunch time. Do you want to take it in your cell or be escorted to the cafeteria?" Tommy asked calmly. He might have sounded at ease, but his body was tense and his eyes narrowed.

Calm down, little guard. The tiger's already gotten to use his claws today.

Licking his lower lip slowly, Jana turned and wiggled his fingers where his hands were pressed together behind his back. "Cafeteria."

Tommy grumbled something under his breath and the sound of one set of footsteps walking away  met his ears. Jana figured it was the medic, considering the guard's duty and the fact that his wrists were being cuffed back together. Instead of his arm being taken and the guard leading him down the hall, Jana began walking when Tommy finished handcuffing him.

"What started that fight, Jana?" He asked after they went down a small flight of stairs and entered a long white hallway. Normally they'd interrogate each inmate about a specific fight in private rooms, but considering he preferred the isolation that came with not answering their questions during his first two times getting in trouble, Tommy took to asking him questions about the issues at completely random times and places.

Sure he could ignore them, but he hadn't been allowed to eat in the cafeteria since his last fight in it two weeks ago. He loved having his isolated cell, but there was only so much he could take before it went to his head. And he had enough things running through his head to deal with, no need to add more.

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