One Year Ago...

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The cold in the air burned my cheeks as I smiled.

Amy whispered in my ear, the warmth of her breath hitting my cheek.

"Dare her to go out on the ice and yell I love Brian Hale," Amy said, so only I could hear.

We both giggled, even as seniors we acted as children. April had a crush on Brian since elementary school. He didn't take much interest in her though. He was a hit it and quit it kind of guy.

Me, Amy, and April sat under a big, dead, oak tree that blocked some of the snow from falling down on us.

Snow seeped into my jeans, but I didn't care. It seemed so cold my body stopped feeling.

"April, truth or dare?" I asked.

April always took dares and always did them, she was fearless. I loved that about her.

"Dare." She replied.

"I dare you to walk out on the ice halfway and yell I love Brian Hale."

"Challenge accepted," she said, smiling.

The lake flowed down into the river. It was covered by ice. I used to ice skate here when I was little. Last Saturday we had skated there for Amy's birthday.

Her blond hair blew in the wind as she began.

Amy and I burst out in laughter.

She and I weren't really friends. I only hung out with her because April was friends with her. I didn't want to share April so I kept my distance. 

April made it half way and yelled out, "I love Bri--"

Then she fell through. Her body made a loud splash that made my stomach drop.

"Oh my gosh!" I screamed, getting up. My legs fumbled as I tried to gain control of my frozen limbs. It felt as if my lugs were closing in and my intake of breath became harder. Hair blew around me and into my mouth. I wiped away and I could feel the bile rise in my throat.

Amy began mumbling and crying, frantically. She shook uncontrollably. Her eyes scared me, the look of total fear was not something I was used to.

"Call 911," I screamed.

I went after her, scared.

"April?" I screamed out.

No answer.

I got to where she had fallen and looked down at the hole. She wasn't there.

Tears streamed down my face and sweat began pouring down my forehead. My hands cried out in agony, no longer in my warm pockets but freezing as I pushed them into the ice.

"No!" I screamed in frustration. My vocal cords stung.

I looked down again and couldn't find anything like it would make some difference.

I looked through the ice, with the flowing water under the ice, the current would pull her under, away from the breathing hole. I couldn't see where she would go with the fresh snow on the ice, blocking my vision.

I frantically swiped snow away to look through the ice.

My leg slipped, only to break the ice.

I was stuck.

The water was freezing, as if needles were going through my leg.

"Andrea, we have to get off the ice!" Amy said, pulling me up from the whole.

"No," I said, crying.

She pulled me out of the water.

"I think you cut your leg," Amy yelled, tears streaming down her face.

I looked down to see my leg bleeding profusely. Red droplets of blood pattered down on the ice as she drug me.

"We need to save her," I cried.

"If I don't help you, I'll lose you too."

Everything seemed blurry as she wrapped my leg with her light jacket.

I was fine after, got a cast and stitches.

But April wasn't as lucky.

They found her later. Drowned.

April Hastings born December 8, 2000 - Death December 22, 2017. She was a daughter, sister, best friend and a big part of my life that had been ripped apart from me.

What would I do without her? I couldn't live without her smile and our funny sleepovers. Who would support me and be there when I needed them.

But this was all a year ago. And now its time to learn to move on.

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