Chapter 26 - Drawing

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“What’s your drawback on me?” I whispered. “Is it because I lack social and conversational skills?”

He laughed. “No, not at all, you can talk to me and that’s what counts.”

“Is it… because I’m blond? Do you not like that?”

“Why the hell would that be a factor?” he shook his head and sat up, we were nose to nose. My breath hitched, I shakily put my hands on his shoulders. “The drawback is that I don’t know how to be a boyfriend. I’m private.”

“Like I know what it means to be a girlfriend?”

“Good point,” he looked in my eyes. “Why would you want me?”


“You’re Finley Aims, Taylor Mathews wanted you the second he saw you, and every other guy did. Your first day here you were all I heard about. You are the most beautiful girl in school. I’m a social reject.”

“You’re not a reject. You’re a wonderful guy, but you shove people away. I’m not a very popular person at that school… you’re my only friend. You’re the most beautiful man at school, everyone knows that.”

“And you want to be more with me?”

“Only if you want to be more with me,”

He smirked. “No, say it.”

I sighed. “Yes, I want to be more with you.”

“I’d…” he stared. I leaned down and kissed his upper lip, moving to his lower one. “Trying to sway me?” I nodded. He smiled at me. “I’d like to be more with you too Finley, I’d like to try.”

“So… you’re my boyfriend?”

“You’re my girlfriend.”

I smiled, and tackled him into the grass. He laughed loudly; I gave his waist a squeeze and kissed him, only to have him roll on top of me.


“Very,” I breathed out, kissing him again. We kissed for a very, very long time. They were these… kisses of excitement, and joy. We were smiling while our lips moved, and I could have been here all day.

“Stop being a distraction,” he laughed as I took a break, applying lip balm. He took some for himself, and then picked up his pencil. I watched as he drew me, I was amazed. “Can you look at me for a second?” I nodded stared right ahead of him. He tilted my head, studying my cheek bones. “Ah ha,” he went back to his drawing. I kept watching, fascinated.

“You are concentrating very hard.”

“I’d like for it to turn out how I want it to.”

“Your forehead is all creased.” I smiled, reaching out to touch his concentration face. "Are you a perfectionist?"

"With my work? Yes, very much so. It has to be perfect or I destroy it and start over."


"Not at all, can you tip your head up for me?" I did as I was told. "Smile." I easily did what he asked of me. 'Thank you very much."

"I'm not a perfectionist."


"Nope, I'm laid back."

"I know that," he smiled. "Can you lean toward me?" I did as I was told. He ran his thumb over my lower lip. My breathing was a bit ragged. He studied me, looking at me so closely.

"What are you doing?" I exhaled.

"Texture, your lips are very smooth."

"Is that good?"

"Very kissable." I blushed. He leaned down and kissed me. "I needed to know if I need to imply texture is all, you're free."

I smiled and leaned back in the grass. "Your lips are soft too."

"Good to hear,"

I sat up as he drew, only looking at him and not the piece. I touched his lips like he did mine, only I tugged on them a bit. He started smiling. I poked his dimples. “Finley, I’m in artist mode.” He spoke teasingly, mocking seriousness. 

"I'm so sorry,” I smiled back, copying his seriousness. “I won’t disturb you anymore.”

“Good,” he gave me a glance and moved closer to the canvas, sitting up on his knees. He held to board tightly as he did shading, I couldn’t take my eyes off him as I laid in the grass. He was my boyfriend. I was staring, zoned out for some time, just admiring him, and who he was in my life now when he stopped. “Done,” he sighed.

I sat up and stared. “Holy…”

“Do you like it?”

It literally looked like a photograph of me laughing. He got every single detail right, every strand of hair, every indentation in my lips, every freckle. I couldn't grasp that he created it. He took something empty, and turned it into something so amazing. I couldn't understand that he did it right in front of me.

“I… love it.”

“Yeah? I’m glad.” He packed up his pencils. “I’m sure I’ll get an A.”

“Harry, I’m serious, this is incredible. You have so much talent.”

“Thanks,” he packed everything up, gathering to leave.

"Do we have to go right now?"

"What would you like to do?" I shrugged and laid back in the grass. He joined me, his head by mine.

"I feel really small sometimes." I said quietly.

"What do you mean small?"

"Just... the world is so big and I'm this small person, know what i mean? There is so much out there that we can't even imagine existing. Does that ever freak you out?"

"I guess I'm more freaked out about what I'll miss, what I won't get a chance to see all because I can't get there. That's kind of upsetting."

"I agree, I want to travel, maybe? It's scary to imagine myself being all over the place, I'm not good with change."

"I had no idea." I nudged him. "I think travel would be different, it'd just open your eyes more. It wouldn't be forever, and you'd make the choice of where you settle down."

"Such a good point,"

"I'm full of them."

I rolled my eyes and we laid in the grass, gazing up at the sky, seeing the occasional cloud. We didn't really need to talk about much, it felt nice having him with me. Finally we decided to go, the drawing tucked under his arm as I walked along side him down the trail. Suddenly he took hold of my hand, he had never held my hand before. I stared up at him in surprise and he only shrugged.


I smiled. “Girlfriend,” I gave him a little nudge, leaning into his body as we walked. He smiled, and we headed back to the truck. He set everything in the back, and drove me home.

“Do you want to come inside?”

“Will your parents mind?”

“I don’t think so; you’re my boyfriend now so… they don’t have much of a choice.”

“Then I’d love to.

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