What Now?

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Tris' POV
"Do you trust him or...?"
"I don't know."
"It's serious though?"
"I guess."
"Well it must be serious if Four isn't even looking at the freshly baked cake." Tobias glares at Christina and, just to annoy her, takes a bit of cake and eats the whole slice without blinking once. Gross. I sigh and rub my hands over my face. "What do we do?" I ask everyone, almost pleading. After Draco's 'news' we came to Christina's anyway. Of course we told them. We don't know if we should trust him ourselves, but I think we should. The main problems: the initiates and Eric. Do we tell the initiates? Just the Divergent? What about Eric? We can't kill him. "So you trust him?" Chris asks, frowning at me.
"Yes. No. It doesn't matter. I trust his word and what he said sounded legit. We at least need an emergency plan."
"Let us help." I look at Will with confusion.
"What do you mean? This isn't about you guys."
"It kind of is, we're Dauntless. Like you said, emergency plan."
"Yeah, one that'll get us all killed or arrested." Lynn mutters. This is hopeless. I glance over at Tobias whose sitting on the couch. He catches my eye and shrugs. I pull away from the table my elbows were resting on and face everyone, crossing my arms. Lynn's lying down on other couch, taking up all the space. Chris is leaning her elbows on the table like I was before and Will is standing behind Tobias. Everyone else is with Uriah. Zeke, Marlene and Shauna. I'm guessing Zeke and Shauna made up then. "Think about it," Will states like an Erudite. "Zeke is the eyes. Access to all cameras with operating sound. Four and Tris are on the inside with our new spy friend Draco. I'm the brains. I can try hacking into computers and phones, with Four's help."
"Okay what about us?" Lynn interjects.
"Working on the outside. Zeke and Shauna can help the initiates by standing at the sidelines, ready to escape if need be. Chris and Mar can distract while Lynn sabotages his plan with bombs or something."
"Ooo, I like sabotage." Lynn grins evilly. I look at Will. So it's not a bad start for a rebellion. "We need more information." Tobias states plainly.
"Then get friendly." We all look wildly at Lynn who acts completely normal, like if she asked for the time. "What the hell does that mean?" I ask.
She rolls her eyes. "Keep your enemies closer. Get Draco to find out more. Get friendly with Eric or closer, whatever. Go for a tour at Erudite. I don't care. Keep your enemies close." We all stare at her in a stunned silence. That's actually pretty smart. "Woah, pretty smart for a Dauntless."
"Will I swear I will knife you in the eye if you don't shut up."
"So, what then? It can't be that easy." Tobias sighs.
"Eric has an army, right?" I think out loud. "Let's build our own." Everyone looks at me, intrigued. "Eric can work with Erudite. He can control Dauntless. There's people he can't control though."
"Us?" Chris asks, purely confused. I look at Tobias as his eyes light up in realisation. I smirk at him. "Seriously?" He whispers at me.
"Why not." I shrug.
"What? What's the plan?" Chris asks.
"Yeah, we don't mind talk like you too." Lynn complains. I smile at all of them. "It's a plan that we had a while ago, not for this purpose but it might be now..."

At exactly 11pm I'm standing in one of the training rooms with Tobias. With us are Black Widow, River, Percy, Annabeth, Harry, Steve and Katniss. They have no idea why they're here or how screwed up everything is. Here's hoping they agree. "Thanks for coming." I say when everyone arrives. "What's this all about?" Katniss asks. We didn't tell them anything, only to meet us here at 11pm sharp. Bring no one. Tell no one. Act normal. Come dressed ready for action. "This is complicated and unthinkable to all of you, but you need to believe us." Tobias starts and crossed his arms.
"We're your trainers and we care about you. Now we need your help." I say.
"Help?" Annabeth asks, unsure.
"Eric isn't who he says he is. He's planning something horrible that will destroy and kill lots of people. Draco has been on the inside."
"What?" Percy asks in disbelief. Everyone's face fills with shock or horror. "I should've killed him." Black Widow grumbles. I sigh and glance at Tobias. I take over. "This is where you come in. We will fight him if necessary. To do that, we need a team. You all share something. I share it too. We're linked to one word: divergent." Their eyes flood with panic as they glance at each other. They're stressed. Panic. Their secret got out. They're exposed. In danger. "Let's calm down. Tell me what you all got in your test. What is said in this room stays here. We won't kill you. I'm divergent too." Everyone looks nervously at each other as the deafening silence grows longer. Finally Steve speaks. "Abnegation and Dauntless." Everyone glances at him in shock, mainly because he spoke. He looks down, embarrassed. I know what he must think. Abnegation, what a boring faction. "Erudite and Dauntless." Annabeth says while gripping Percy's hand. I smile, unsurprised. Percy smiles too. "Dauntless and Amity." After saying this he blushes slightly. I guess he is a happy guy. "Dauntless and Abnegation." I look at Katniss knowingly. I can see it in her eyes: her sister. That's why she's Abnegation. She loves and cares about her sister too much. "Same, Dauntless and Abnegation." Harry says and looks at Katniss. She give him a smile back. They smile at Steve too and he gladly smiles back. Aw, my Abnegation buddies. They're too cute. "Erudite. And Dauntless." Black Widow mumbles, unsure about everything. "Same sweetie." River says and squeezes Black Widow's hand. Not alone. Everyone looks expectantly at me. What? Finally Black Widow speaks up. "Can you tell us your results? You know, so we know you better and whatnot. You are training us." She tells it like it's a fact, almost bluntly. I decide to tell them anyway. They trust us, I should trust them. "Dauntless, Abnegation and Erudite." Their eyes widen immediately. Shock? Surprise? Horror? Something but I don't know what. "That's incredible." Steve says, smiling. The others agree. Okay then, it was shock. "Smart, selfless and brave...I like it!" I laugh at River. I really did get attached to these guys, it's strange. They're eager, open minded and ready for anything. They don't even think I'm dangerous for being divergent three ways. It's amazing. "So here's how we want this to work," Tobias begins. "We will give you extra training and teach you what we know about Divergents. Physical training as well as mental training. It will be draining. The physical is for defeating Eric. Mental for becoming an official Dauntless member."
"No one can know you're divergent, just us," I continue. "Tell no one of these meetings. Not the other initiates, not Dauntless members and especially not your families. I know it's hard but it's for the best. Keep an eye out for the cameras, always. We can't let Eric know that we're onto him. Patience is key in these sessions, specifically when it comes to the mental training. It will take a while and it will be difficult. Any questions?"
River smirks at us. "When do we start?"

We met again in two days. The next day would've been fine but we can't risk suspicion. Waiting for a day seemed like the smartest option. Today we bring the physical training. It's midnight and freezing cold as Dauntless is underground but they don't seem to notice or care. They're eager to go. "Initiation has already made you strong and fit," Tobias says as we huddle around a punching bag. Oh, the good old punching bags. "We plan to make your stronger. Fitter. This is to the next extreme."
"So like soldiers?" Katniss asks.
"If that's what you want to call yourself." I reply. Today is new fighting techniques. Simple but handy. Tobias demonstrates the kicks and punches by the bag, dragging each hit out to show the technique. He then practises on me, full out. We spar for a good five minutes, full on fighting but still showing the technique. They then go off in pairs. One pair spars with Tobias. I help the rest out on the punching bags, perfecting the blows. It is an odd number but Steve said he'd spar with Tobias, which makes sense. He's the best guy here, no offence Percy and Harry. It's hard work as it's cold and early. I have to put on my zip up jumper as I help them out. Harry and Percy spar first. I hear them grunting and Tobias instructing as I pace around the room. As I'm helping Black Widow I notice her bandaged shoulder. Weird. "Shoulder injury?" I ask as she punches.
"What?" She huffs before glancing at it. She laughs and stops punching, looking at me. "Not an injury. A tattoo."
My eyebrows rise. "A tattoo?"
"Yeah, we all got one." she smirks as she peels the bandage back. It's the Dauntless symbol, black ink gleaming on her right shoulder. "We all got the same," she continues. "Same place, same tat. Got them yesterday. We're all binded now. Together. Divergent." She continues punching her bag as I stare at her in disbelief. Wow. I don't know if I think that's beautiful, stupid or both. Probably both. I keep walking around, grunts bouncing off the walls. "Shit!" I turn around to see Harry pinning Percy down and Tobias chuckling at poor Percy. "Language!" Everyone looks for the voice who turns out to be Steve. We all lose the plot and burst into a fit of giggles as Steve goes bright red. Eventually we stop to catch our breath. "Hey get off me I can't breathe."
"Oh sorry mate." Immediately Harry climbs off Percy. Gosh that sounds bad. The bromance is too real. Anyway, the two get feedback from Tobias and go to the punching bags. Next up: Annabeth and Black Widow. It's no surprise really that Black Widow wins, although Annabeth is getting better. River and Katniss put up a good fight, but Katniss wins. Last minute maneuverer that secured her win. Smart actually. Then it was Tobias and Steve. Everyone gathered around to watch this fight. It would be interesting. Both boys got into position, ready to strike. "10 bucks on Steve." Percy says.
"You're on." Harry says back.
"Wait I want in on this." River exclaims. In the end Percy, Black Widow and River are betting on Steve. Harry, Annabeth, Katniss and myself are betting on Tobias. He better win. Toby makes the first move, which Steve deflects. Both make some good punches and are light on their feet. We all yell encouragements. "Come on Steve!"
"Get up ya big baby!"
"Nice one!"
"I've got money on you!" I yell to Tobias and laugh. This is hilarious. Unfortunately Steve wins. The others cheer while we grumble and hand our money over. We let them go and pack up. As we're leaving Tobias comes over and wraps his arm around me. "You bet on me?"
"I lost 10 bucks let's not go there." He laughs and kisses my forehead.
"Do you really think this will work?" I ask as we walk towards our place.
"Our little army?" He asks. I nod. "Yes, I think it will work just fine."
"Think or hope?"

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