Austin? (Cheating Imagine)

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"You know it's times like this that i need you by my side, babe." He sighs, You smile at the phone.

"I love you Austin."

"I love you too, (y/n). When are you coming to visit again? I always forget."

"Next week babe."

"Oh , i just really wanna see you!"

'Yes!' You thought, 'He has no idea I'm right outside his door!'

"So do I!"

"(Y/n), i gotta go, talk to you later, Love you!"

"Okay, Love you too!" You giggle.

You plan on waiting a couple of minutes before you go in.

Ah, i can't wait to see his expression!

'Okay (y/n) it's time!' You tell yourself.

Taking a deep breathe you unlock the door with the spare key Austin gave you.

Wow! It's tidy in here. So 'unAustin' you thought.

I enter the living room and he isn't there i go to his room and he isn't there but you see light coming through the bathroom door.

You decide to sit on his bed and wait for him to come out. You look around and you see some heels.

'Hmm i don't remember those heels, but i mean i have so many shoes i probably don't remember those, they are hideous.' You thought.

You are so bored out of your mind, you take your phone out and go on twitter, you love to interact with Austin's mahomies since you were once one and still are of course.

~5 Minutes Later~

You hear fumbling at the door, so you quickly put your cell phone away.

"Babe you are so sexy when you do that" what the- austin?

Your eyebrows furrow and when the door finally opens austin comes out. With his arms around a girl. Both in towels.

"Austin?" You asked, but you obviously knew it was him, you can recognize him faster than yourself.

He looks up and as soon as he locks eyes with you he stays there, shocked and speechless.

" (y/n)? What are you doing here, i thought you came next week."

"Yeah, sad, no one can impress anyone. Right?!" He opened his mouth to say something but you don't give him a chance to say anything. "Here I am, your so called 'girlfriend' came to surprise you but I was surprised as well." You chuckled but everything you were feeling was the total opposite, you were about to loose it.

"Chelsea, can you please leave us." He tells the 'bitch'.

"Don't even bother 'Bitch', I'm leaving."

"(y/n), please wait." HE pleaded.

You ignored him and walked as fast as you could to get out of there. 'You are strong, (y/n). You are strong.' You kept repeating to yourself.

You take your suitcase, handbag and reach for the door. You were just about to turn the knob,

"(Y/n) don't leave me, please. Im so, so sorry. Don't do this please, please, please. I love you, so, so much."

Don't turn, don't turn.

Your legs couldn't move.

"(Y/n)?" His voice was so quiet, so delicate, as if he would speak any other way you would brake.

You turn. Fuck.

He had tears falling from his eyes.

You felt tears falling down your own eyes. You wiped them harshly but they kept coming like a flood, blurring your vision.

"Why?" You whispered, shakily,

"was i honestly not enough for you, i now I'm not the best, but why did you have to make me fall so hard. Do you know how hurt i am right now, as cheesy as it sounds, it's as if a ton of bricks fell on top of me and i- i can't breath."

"I wish I could reverse the time, I really do (y/n). But I know that, that can't happen. And i swear what we had was so, real. I love you. And she is nothing to me- nothing at all. I want to explain why i did this, but, again i can't because i don't know. Im so stupid, and right now i just want to punch my self a million times!"

He growled and ran his hands down his face.

"I want to punch you too. I hate that i loved you, I still love you, so much." you are sobbing now.

"Please forgive me, ill do anything for you to forgive me."

"How long?"

"What are you talki-"

"Come on Austin, don't play stupid with me."

"2 weeks."

"Huh, 2 weeks of having a chance to tell me, I really feel the love." You laugh humorlessly with fresh tears still rushing down your face, "Austin, Im so over this, me and you were never meant to get together. We've had to many problems." You scoffed.

You look in his eyes and all you see is hurt, maybe the reflection of your eyes.

"I can't loose you." He whispered, loud enough for you to here.

"Im sorry, you already have."

With that you turn, open the door and run to the elevator because you know he will come after you.

You hear him scream your name but you don't stop until you are at the elevator. You couldn't stop crying.

'Bye Austin.'


I will probably continue this but I'm not sure yet :)

Written by amanda panda !

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