Harry's POV.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea." I whisper to Tessa.

She turns around in my lap and puts her index finger over my lips to silence me.

"What's wrong Harry, afraid of a little dare.. or is it the truth that you fear?" Molly asks with a sly smile. What a fucking cunt.

"You are the one that should be afraid." Tessa growls and I am taken aback.

"Really?" Molly raises her brow.

"Okay..okay.. calm down you two." Niall says.

I was enjoying watching Tessa put Molly in her place but I don't want Molly to take it too far. Tessa is a lot more fragile and sensitive than Molly and Molly will say anything she can to hurt Tessa.

"Who goes first?" Tristan asks.

"Me." Tessa raises her hand.

Oh lord, this is going to be a fucking disaster.

"I think that I should go first." Steph interjects.

Tessa sighs but sits silently, bringing her cup to her lips. Her lips are slightly pink from the cherry drink and all I can't help but picture them around me.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Steph breaks me from my perverted thoughts.

"I'm not playing." I tell her.

"Why not?" She asks.

"I don't want to, I have played more than enough lame ass games." I groan.

"Isn't that the truth." Molly mutters.

"That isn't what he meant, back off." Tristan defends me.

Why did I ever fuck Molly again? She's hot and was decent at giving blow jobs but she's so damn annoying. The memory of her touching me makes me nauseous so I quickly replace her with Tess in my thoughts.

"Okay, Niall. Truth or dare?" Steph asks.

"Dare." He answers.

"Hmm.. I dare you to go kiss that blonde in the blue shirt." Steph points to a tall girl wearing bright red lipstick.

"Can't I kiss her friend instead?" He begs.

The girl next to the blonde has long curly hair and deep brown skin. She is much prettier than the blonde so for Niall's sake I hope Steph allows the change.

"Nope, blondie it is." Steph laughs.

"You are evil." He groans and everyone laughs as he walks toward the girl.

Daring one another to do stupid things like this is just pointless. I never minded before but then again I have never wanted to only kiss one person only. I never want to kiss anyone except Tessa ever again.

As Niall walks back with red lipstick stained around his lips,  I now get why Tessa usually despises these games.

When NIall dares Tristan to drink a cup of beer that people have been using for an ashtray, I zone out. I take a lock of Tessa's soft hair between my fingers,  slowly twisting the hair around my digits. She covers her face with her hands as Tristan gags and Steph shrieks.

After a few more mindless dares, it is finally Tessa's turn.

"Dare." She bravely says to Ed.

"I dare you to take a shot." He says as I glare at him, warning him that if he dares her anything inappropriate I will  not hesitate to jump across the table and choke him. He is a pretty cool and chill guy so I didn't really think he would, but I still wanted to warn him anyway.

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