TFP:Turning Tides

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So this is my first story. Hope you enjoy it. Also, constructive criticism is very welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I only own my OCs and the story line.


Chapter 1

Houston, Texas June 16, Wednesday  9:45

Kitten Macanera sat by her window, staring out at what had been her home for sixteen years. The cars flashed by outside, down cemented roads. The sun was still had yet to rise, but from her position, the sun shone right through her open window. She gave a small, sad smile, idly wondering what Nevada weather was like. She was going to miss Texas.

Sighing, Kitten tore her gaze from the traffic below to stare at her empty room. Her laptop rested on a stack of boxes, cycling through a playlist. Currently playing was 'How You Remind Me' by Nickleback, a favorite song of hers. She felt the weight of her IPod in her grey short sleeved sweaters pocket.

For the second or third time that day, the blonde haired girl looked around her empty room. Why do we have to move? She thought miserably. Moving was hard. Having finished packing, the only things now in her room were the two boxes Kitten had put her lap top on and a small daypack, housing a Sprite bottle, a book, colored pencils, and a sketch pad. Everything else was packed into a moving van or the car.

A loud honking was heard from outside, telling her that it was time to go. She got up, grabbing her laptop and pushing it into her daypack which she threw over her shoulder and made her way downstairs. Her dad ran back up to grab the last few boxes as her mom slid into the drivers seat. Kitten climbed into the back seat and her four brothers sat in the middle seat.

"Ya'll ready?" Beverly, Kitten's mom yelled.

"Yeah! Let's get moving!" Seth, Kitten's oldest brother yelled back. Her family was naturally loud, and as such much unneeded yelling was constantly being thrown around. Kitten merely hummed an affirmative. Beverly started up the car. Kitten cast one last, long look at her house. Closing her eyes, she pictured it in her mind; every hall, every room.

But she opened her eyes. It was in her past. No going back. Besides, she would have left eventually anyways.

"It's time to move on." She whispered, turning to look at the road ahead. Her sapphire gaze stayed firmly there. Ahead of her.

..George Bush Intercontinental Airport... Houston, Texas-June 16, Wednesday 11:20 AM

Kitten was waiting for the plane to take off, her head phones on under her hood. She was half asleep already, having not gotten any sleep in the two  hours they were waiting for their plane or the previous night. After a bit, she finally fell asleep.


Kitten sighed as she stared up at the beautiful blue sky, stretching on for miles and miles, paralleled by long strips of deserts and canyons. The canyon she was lying in stretched up and on for many miles, rocky and dusty. The ground underneath her had an odd powdery feel to it. A small creek trickled by, glittering in the sun, which was directly overhead.

The sound of pebbles skittering across the ground caused her to sit up. A rabbit bounded up to her, nuzzling her hand. She smiled and obliged the small white creature. It's nose twitched a bit. The cry of an eagle sounded over head, the pair turning their attentions up ward.

Kitten stood up, and started walking down in the direction the eagle was flying. For some reason, it drew her like an invisible chain. As she continued, the canyon widened, as did the stream, continuing in the one direction. A snake hissed and slithered to her, following at her side.

A group of animals had gathered, looking down at something. She picked up her pace, excitement bubbling through her. She'd seen this in movies! Whatever they were looking at, it would lead to her destiny!

But when she pushed past them, she deadpanned. It was a rock. A rock. "Seriously? This was supposed to be something cool! Not a freakin' rock!" She yelled.

Mysteriously, the world started to shake, the animals and the scene starting to disappear. The rock floated and-

Kitten woke up, grasping her head where her brother had hit her on the head. "What was that for?" She hissed, glaring at him.

Seth pointed out her window. "Look, Kit!"

Kitten turned to the window behind her. Pulling it open further, she stared out at the sky, disbelieving. A sleek purple and black jet of unknown make was soaring next to the plane. It did a barrel roll, pulling away from the plane. It did a nosedive, falling through the clouds and disappearing.

"What...Was that all about?"

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