Chapter Fifty-Two ~ Good Riddance

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*Wynter's POV*

"Hazel." I breathed; still in shock that she had found me. Tears had begun to grow in her eyes and she tackled me in a hug, making me gasp in pain. She instantly let go of me and held me at arms length. "What happened to you?" she whispered in horror as she took in my unhealthy appearance. Hazel was always the one who knew what I was going through. She was the only one who had felt pain somewhat like I had. This was a time I really need her, so why couldn't I let myself have a friend again for a while? "Come in." I stepped aside and she walked into my apartment. "l sent Lauren to May's house for the night. It's just me her most of the time."

I walked into the kitchen to make some tea while she asked, "Don't you get lonely?" "All the damned time," I scoffed bitterly. We both sat on the raggedy couch, facing each other. "I'm not even going to ask why you left. I would be stupid to do that," she admitted. "How have you been?"

My gaze flickered to her and then down to my drink. "Truth or Lie?" I replied with a barely audible tone. She took a deep breath and answered: "Truth." I nodded. "Worse than ever before. I rarely eat; food just isn't appealing anymore. I have nightmares every night mostly about Zayn and it's.... it's breaking me, Haz. I can't keep doing this, but I have to. Worst of all," my voice cracked and I took a moment to collect myself "Worst of all, Lauren and I have started fighting. I don't know why, she just turned mean. What did I do wrong?" By then I had tears dripping down my face.

"You left, Wynn. That's what you did wrong." I looked at her and she had a serious expression. "You need to come back " I shook my head quickly. "Absolutely not," I stated firmly. "Nothing has happened with my dad since I left. Lauren's safe- "And at what cost?" she interrupted. "Wynter, just hear me out. Please. Can you just do that?" I gazed at her for a moment before nodding slowly.

"Ever since you left, nothing is going good back there. Aqua and Niall fight —a lot. Harry and Scarlet fight even more, only they have screaming matches that usually end up with Scarlet leaving for hours at a time. El and Louis were doing alright, but they started fighting today. Liam and I are hanging in there." I was staring at the floor, gripping the couch as I asked my next question: "And Zayn?"

She sighed heavily and I watched her face as it seemed to age. "He hasn't left his room. At all. I'm not kidding you. We leave food at his door, but I don't think he eats much of it. He hasn't been to an interview, hasn't spoken to any of us, hasn't done anything since you left." By now I was crying, the thought of his state of health making me worried sick. I felt her hand over my thigh.

"Wynter, Lauren and you are even fighting which is the rarest thing ever. Did you even get her consent on leaving?" I shook my head sadly, sniffling. "l think you should." I was silent for a few moments. "Come on; it's time to change some things." I was done sacrificing my well being. It wasn't helping anything this time, I needed to go back. I had to or else things were going to end up worse than they should be. I needed my family back in my life; I needed Zayn. That was obvious.

I called Lauren on Hazel's phone and she picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Lauren," I breathed.

"What?" she asked and I flinched.

Hazel gave me a reassuring nod and I pushed on. "l need... I need to talk to you. Will you come back? There's something you need to know and I really don't want to tell you over a phone. Please, Lauren." I begged with everything in me, because quite frankly I didn't know if she would come back. It seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me. So when she agreed, I almost did a happy dance.

Thirty minutes later I had taken a shower and gotten dressed in a blue leopard print jumper, grey skinny jeans, a messy bun, and no makeup, except my clothes hung off my body. Now that things were going to go back to the way they should be, I was starved. But I knew I had to eat slowly or I would puke my guts out. I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread to nibble on when I heard the doorbell ring. Hazel was sitting on the couch like we had planned and I went to get the door.

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