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"Hury up Maya start the car and let's go!"my exited best friend said we're kinda going to orphanage so that we can pick kids to raise for the whole 2 years of college


When we get there Riley ran to her boyfriend Farkle I just laugh and went to Lucas who's my boyfriend

"Well you exited?"he said

"A little but it'll be alright at least I get to be with you"I said and he kissed me

"Alright everybody you can have this and go find a kid or 2 to raise!"Mrs.Garcia said we walk in and a little girl came up to us

"Hi I'm Harper!"he said

"Uh sweetie there no Harper here"Lucas said looking in the list of names

"I'm just kidding Ranger Rick I'm Jasmine"she said

"Oh boy"Lucas said as he herd Ranger Rick I just smiled

"Hi Jas I'm Maya and that's Lucas how old are you?"I said

"I'm 6"she said

"And she reminded me of someone I know"Lucas said

"Tell us Jas do you wanna be our little girl?"I ask she smiled

"YyyyAaaaYyyy!"she said

"Totally right"Lucas said Jasmine hug us

"So Jasmine do you want a younger sibling?"Lucas said

"I want a little brother"she said we nod and then Jasmine stop and pointed to a little boy

"How about him?"she ask we nod an went to him

"Hi I'm Jasmine what's your name buddy?"she said

"I'm Caleb I'm twee"he said

"Can him mommy can we?"Jasmine said

"Sure but you gotta ask your dad first"I said she looked at Lucas

"Okay it's because when I just see those cute eyes you remind me someone"he said

"YaY!"she said

"So Caleb you ready to be my widle bwather?"Jasmine said in a baby voice Caleb nod

"Friars!"I said

"Friars!"Lucas said

"Friars!!"Jasmine said

"Fwiaers!"Caleb said we just laughed

"well let's go"Lucas said I pick Caleb up and carry him Lucas does the same to Jasmine

"So here is your keys to your house and you just need some groceries and some other stuff but there are already clothes and kids clothes and your rooms are already ready"Mrs. Garcia said e nod and we went to the mall and got a pink and Blue car seats for the kids so yeah

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